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The special vulnerability of women with disabilities, topic of the second session of the cycle "Training to understand disability".

Marina de Diego, Marga Gutiérrez and Emma Larreta talked about gender violence and disability.

12 | 02 | 2024

On February 12, the second session of the cycle "Training to understand disability", organized by Tantaka, the Solidarity Time Bank of the University of Navarra, took place. "La puerta violeta", by Rozalén, was played in the theater of the University of Navarra Museum to welcome the more than 500 attendees. The song, which addresses the topic of violence against women, started a colloquium on the vulnerability of women with disabilities, with the participation of Marina de Diego, equality technician of COCEMFE; Marga Gutiérrez, director of the documentary AMA-DAS; and Emma Larreta, promoter of project inVISIBLES. The session was moderated by Luis Casado, president of the Iddeas Foundation, and Marta Olaizola, student delegate of the University of Navarra.

Marina de Diego spoke about her work in COCEMFE, an NGO whose goal is to achieve the full inclusion and active participation of people with disabilities. She is at position, among other things, the reception of women with disabilities who come to the organization after having suffered gender violence. "It is a vulnerable group to suffer any subject of violence," Marina explained. As she pointed out, when they have been abused, the procedure varies a lot depending on the need of each one: "Sometimes, the users need a more serious session, an orientation partner work. Others simply need to talk and unburden themselves."

Afterwards, the trailer of the documentary AMA-DAS was screened, an audiovisual piece that tells the stories of three women who have suffered gender-based violence and that has enhanced the disability of some of them and provoked the disability of others. For Marga Gutierrez, the director, "it has been a challenge and a gift to work with them. It was an unknown world for part of the team".

Part of this learning was thanks to Emma Larreta. With her project inVISIBLES she tries, with schools and youth groups, to make people look inward, reflect and create a joint empathy. Emma suffered gender-based violence a few years ago and told her story to an emotional audience. In spite of everything, speaker conveyed a message of hope, both for victims of violence and for people with disabilities: "The solution and the future is you, the young people. The best is yet to come.

The next session, on February 19, will deal with accessibility in the world of video games and will feature Enrique García Cortés, an employee of the ONCE Foundation and promoter of the GA11Y initiative.