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Marta Domingo, professor and Advanced internship Nurse, awarded at the 44th competition Nursing Awards at Comillas University.

The professor at School Nursing received the award Hospitality Specialty for a article from research

12 | 03 | 2024

The 44th competition of the San Juan de Dios Nursing Academy, of the University of Comillas, has awarded the article published by Marta Domingo Oslé , professor at the School Nurse and Nurseinternship Advanced in the area of the Medical-Surgical Department of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Virginia La Rosa Salas, Vice-Dean of Students and Office of Academic Affairs of the School of Nursing, and Cristina García Vivar, Associate Professor at the department of Health Sciences of the UPNA, the award special Hospitality. This award is awarded to the better article Scientific journal published in indexed journals, whose subject matter is related to humanization in the field of healthcare. The act of submission The awards ceremony took place on March 6, at the San Juan de Dios School of Nursing and Physiotherapy, in Ciempozuelos (Madrid).

Marta Domingo is the lead author of the article graduate: Educational Intervention for Family Nursing Students in Long-Term Cancer Survivorship: A Randomized Pilot Trial, published in Journal of Family Nursing (JCR 2022= 3.1 Ranked in the category of Nursing, it ranks 17th out of 125 journals 1st quartile. First decile).

On the spot, after the reception of the award, the author set out the contents of the work, and the conclusions during a brief intervention.

The article presents the results of the piloting of a complex intervention, carried out according to the framework MRC (Medical Research Council) methodological approach, to train nursing students for care-centered care for long-term cancer survivors and their families.

Domingo noted that "to ensure a nursing workforce that is equipped with knowledge about cancer care, not only during the active treatment phase but also after treatment, it is essential infuse the notion of cancer management as a chronic condition in the Education of nursing." In this mission statement, in addition to the Education It is also recommended that educational institutions include cancer survivorship in nursing programs, both in the Degree as well as postgraduate.

As a conclusion of the work, and from his intervention he stressed that there is no evidence on educational interventions aimed at students of Degree nurses to train them to provide care to long-term cancer survivors and their families. For this reason, he concluded, "there is a need to develop new educational interventions, such as the one presented in the work, to respond to the identified gap, and train to the students of Degree for care focused on the long-time cancer survivor and his or her family."

The event closed on Vice President of Institutional Relations and University Secretary, Federico de Montalvo