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An acknowledgement of the effort and impact of entrepreneurship

The "Tecnun awardEntrepreneur" initiative distinguishes the Bosonit business projectof the former studentMiguel Fernández Morales.

FotoPaulaBerroa/University students and alumnilisten to the testimony of two entrepreneurial alumni: Miguel Fernández and Alvaro Pipó.

12 | 05 | 2022

A few days ago, the University recognised the effort and impact of the entrepreneurial initiative of the former studentand founder of Bosonit, Miguel Fernández Morales. "The awardTecnun Emprendedor recognises the audacity of having identified an opportunity in the field of digital technologies, as well as the generation of economic activity and employment", says Gustavo Pego, director Corporate Entrepreneurship at Innovation Factory. "Bosonit created more than 500 jobs for workin less than 6 years and it seems that the growth potential is very important", he adds. 

The submissionwas developed in the frameworkof a conversation between the award winner, Miguel Fernández, Álvaro Pipo, also a former studentof the School and founder of Prosix, and Gustavo Pego, who guided the colloquium. The roundtablerevolved around the reality of entrepreneurship, the value of the client and the need to know the problem well in order to provide a solution. Both shared the importance of knowing the sector well, for which it is necessary to know how to identify its characteristics and know them in detail. Pego stressed the idea that tackling complex problems and finding good solutions are necessary skills in the process of creating value.

The University's Corporate Entrepreneurship director assures that the University has never had as much capacity to develop skills linked to the entrepreneurial process as it does now: "I mention programmes such as GPIE, Fast Track, Hakatones, BINVAS...all of them are along these lines. The Geneticsof the entrepreneur is important but the trainingand learning is essential", Gustavo Pego insists. 

He also explains that "more and more alumnientrepreneurs are helping and accompanying entrepreneurs in this task. And this is gold". He also points out that "the capital fund promoted by the University has invested in several start-ups led by alumnifrom the University".

partnershipIt is worth mentioning that this initiative, organised for the third year by Tecnun, has the support of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa at frameworkof Etorkizuna Eraikiz and its support for initiatives that promote entrepreneurship among the University community.