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I'm pregnant, I didn't expect it

12/09/12 09:34

If you are pregnant and did not expect it, you are probably surprised, overwhelmed, disoriented, scared. You may also feel very lonely in the face of this new status; you may even think that your life, your plans and illusions for the future are threatened and believe that you have to choose between "your baby's life" or "your own life", that is, those plans that you imagine and wish for yourself in your future. You may believe that abortion is the solution. You may even feel pressured by the father of your baby, or by family or friends to have an abortion.

Remember that being pregnant means that a new human being lives in you who is your child. It is not a part of your body, nor a "project" of a human being, nor a simple clot or group of cells. It is a human being, male or female, who already has his or her own identity and his or her fingerprint, eye color, hair color, etc. are already decided in his or her genes. With the financial aid of nutrients and oxygen that you provide, it will continue to grow until it is born and is expected to live until it is 80 years old (or even older). You also went through this phase at the beginning of your life: you were always a daughter who grew up little by little (When does human life begin?).

Abortion will not solve your problems. It will not bring back the past, you will not become a woman who has never been pregnant, who has never been a mother, nor will it make your life like it was before. You will be a mother who has allowed a doctor to cause the death of her child and who has lost her child forever. This can hurt you very much

It is true that you now have a new challenge, a double challenge: to move forward your life and that of your baby. There are many alternatives: you can ask financial aid to specialized people or to your environment, starting with the father of your child, your family, your friends. Many other women have succeeded. They have bravely gone ahead and have given that child a future. Jack Nicholson, the famous actor, was born when his mother was 13 years old. She decided to have him and Jack's grandmother always helped her raise him. He is one example among many that yes you can and result can be wonderful (

Mothers who courageously carry their pregnancy through and give birth to a child find many rewards for the sacrifices made during pregnancy and the early years of parenting. This is confirmed by those who have been working for many years in centers and homes for pregnant mothers.

Above all, do not make hasty decisions that you may later regret; ask financial aid and plan to be a brave person who reacts with generosity and courage to this important change. With financial aid, you can continue to realize your plans for the future, your illusions, and you can also give your son or daughter the opportunity to continue living, to have his or her own future and to become a great person.