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partnership with Vive!

12/11/12 09:07

The project "Education of affectivity and human sexuality" directed by Jokin de Irala from the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) collaborates with the magazine Vive! of Ecuador. The goal of this partnership is to open a section called Sexuality without lies where answers to questions asked by parents, educators and young people will be published.

Vive! is a family-oriented media, aimed at parents with children at home. The readership is mainly adult; however, they have found that young people are also very interested in reading their articles. Therefore, it has three monthly publications with similar content, but in different formats: newspaper, magazine and web page.

The newspaper VIVE! has a circulation of 15 thousand copies which are distributed free of charge in 33 parishes in Guayaquil. The magazine VIVE! has a circulation of 5 thousand copies, which are distributed free of charge in the homes of families. Both the newspaper and the magazine are read by at least three people, for a total of 60 thousand readers. Finally, the website is updated at least once a month.