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Eduardo Montenegro, graduate at Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University, issue two of the spanish chemistry residency program

He has obtained one of the 27 positions offered this year by the Ministry of Health.

/Eduardo Montenegro

13 | 02 | 2024

Eduardo Montenegro Ramos, graduate in Chemistry and Biochemistry by the University of Navarra, has obtained the issue 2 in the spanish chemistry residency program (Resident Internal Chemist). A native of Reus (Tarragona) and 26 years old, he has achieved one of the 27 places of this specialization program, the least of all the training Specialized Health

Out of 279 admitted, 213 people took the exam called by the Ministry of Health. Eduardo Montenegro was trying for the third time. In 2022 he hardly had time to study, because he had just finished the degree program; last year he came up short, and "this year, finally, I've made it," he says. "I'm still taking it in. I left the exam with a good feeling and something inside me told me that this year I would have my place, but I didn't expect to be second at all. I had to look at it four times to see that I hadn't made a mistake! It is an incredible feeling that certainly more than compensates for all the effort and sacrifice made".

Eduardo assures that during the study there are weeks of frustration, of not performing as well as you would like, but a civil service examination is a degree program background. "As they say, it never hurts, and I really liked the syllabus". In her case, she organized her studies in 3 blocks (3 rounds of the syllabus); in the first she studied about 8 hours a day, in the second, about 10, and in the third, 12. "I set aside a month right up to the day of the exam to review and here I no longer counted the hours, from the time I got up around 6 in the morning until 11 at night," she says.

Eduardo Montenegro, who hopes to choose place from Biochemistry Clínica at the Hospital de la Paz in Madrid, points out that civil service examination has been made less complicated by his training in the double Degree of Chemistry and Biochemistry that he took at the University of Navarra. "The wide range of knowledge in both Chemistry and Biochemistry that you leave with after completing the double Degree has undoubtedly made civil service examination more bearable for me. Studying these two degrees teaches you to associate concepts between related subjects, opens your mind and teaches you to think, reason and relate."

In addition to Eduardo, two other graduates have C the civil service examination of spanish chemistry residency program: Jon Ander Simon, a native of San Sebastian and graduate in the Double Degree of Chemistry and Biochemistry , which has been in 28th place; and Izaskun Olleta, a native of Pamplona and a graduate of Chemistry, which has obtained the 56th place.