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Amaia Sánchez, David Gutiérrez and Daniel Calvo win the Regional Biology Olympiad

The three finalists to represent Navarra in the national Olympiad received the diploma accrediting the regional phase held at the University of Navarra.

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Front row, from left to right, Daniel Calvo, Amaia Sánchez and David Gutiérrez. Second row, from left to right, Jaime Martínez-Lage, Professor Mariano Larraz and Ignacio López Goñi. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
13/03/14 14:13 Laura Latorre

The students of high school diploma Amaia Sánchez, from IES Sancho III el Mayor de Tafalla; David Gutiérrez, from high school San Ignacio - Jesuitas de Pamplona; and Daniel Calvo, from high school Irabia de Pamplona, will represent Navarra in the national phase of the Biology Olympiad, which takes place from March 26 to 29 in Zaragoza. The three finalists received yesterday the diploma corresponding to the regional phase of the competition, held at the University of Navarra, and in which about 120 candidates from the region participated.

A special accredited specialization was also awarded to those classified from 4th to 9th place: Floren Suescun (IES Sancho III El Mayor de Tafalla), Inés Zugasti (IES place de la Cruz de Pamplona), Alberto Ramírez (Sagrado Corazón de Pamplona), Ángel Mª Revuelta (IES Marqués de Villena de Marcilla), Andoni Azcona (Nuestra Señora del Huerto de Pamplona) and Marina Urra (IES Barañain).

submission The Dean of the School of Sciences, Ignacio López-Goñi and Jaime Martínez-Lage, delegate of the high school Official Biologists in Navarra and La Rioja, an entity that collaborates in the organization, took part in the awards ceremony. López-Goñi congratulated family members, teachers and students alike for the recognition and success achieved, and encouraged them to be ambitious in their professional projects. For his part, Martínez-Lage highlighted the value of the biologist's profession, emphasizing the very diverse employment opportunities and its impact on improving our environment.