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Nursing employment opportunities

Four recent graduates reflect on the job possibilities of the profession after their time at the University of Navarra

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Aitziber Zudaire, Carmen Alfaro, Jon Bilbatua and Mónica Zarraluqui
PHOTO: University of Navarra
13/06/14 17:24 Miriam Salcedo

Last May 24, the II Promotion of Degree in Nursing of the University of Navarra graduated. Aitziber Zudaire, Carmen Alfaro, Jon Bilbatua and Mónica Zarraluqui are part of the 122 graduates in this 2013-2014 course. After finishing their programs of study each one has decided to take a different professional path: to prepare to become an Internal Nurse Resident (EIR), to do a specialization program, to study a postgraduate program and to work abroad. Four profiles that reflect the wide range of employment possibilities for a recent graduate of the School Nursing program.

Aitziber Zudaire is determined to become EIR. For that she has to take a single call exam for all Spain on the knowledge acquired in the degree program. In the last 2013-2014 edition, 961 places were offered. One of them aims to get Zudaire:"My goal is to get place to have professional and economic stability". Until the exam, whose next call will be published in the Official State bulletin in the second half of September, will combine the study with the completion of the specialization program Medical-Surgical Nursing in the Clínica Universidad de Navarra (CUN). This same specialization program is also among Carmen Alfaro's options, which she is considering together with the Cardiology Nursing and Nursing in area Surgical Nursing, all at the CUN. In this way, the Pamplona native intends to advance in the care of patients and their families, a familiar experience during the degree program "having so many hours of supervised practice".

Another way to specialize is through a postgraduate program. Jon Bilbatua has chosen this option and next year he will start the Master's Degree in Advanced internship and management in Nursing, also at the University of Navarra. For this Biscayan is the opportunity to reach his goal: "my project is to continue training as much as possible". 

Outside our borders there is also work and it is in the United Kingdom where Mónica Zarraluqui has decided to continue her journey: "My idea is to work for the first few months in a nursing homeresidency program , because, although I have a good level of English, I want to gradually enter the English healthcare system and gain a good understanding of the work system and the scientific vocabulary". After gaining experience, her intention is to get employment in a hospital. To achieve her goal, she must first "receive the issue PIN, which is the issue of the collegiate there. Without that issue it would be impossible to work as a nurse".