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"All companies use technology and are therefore likely to be clients of digital law professionals."

The University of Navarra and the consulting firms Band 1 and Black Swan present the report Positioning and reputation of Digital Law in the Spanish market.

FotoJoséJuan Rico/El campus of the University of Navarra in Madrid hosted the focus group on the positioning of digital law.

13 | 06 | 2023

The rapid evolution that technology has undergone in the last decade has boosted the development and visibility of law firms' Digital Law Departments . Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or the use of algorithms are just some of the tools responsible for the rapid digital transformation of companies and entities.  

There is no doubt that the legal market demands more and more "digitally minded" lawyers, capable of offering legal solutions to the questions raised by these new technologies. However, are the positioning strategies for services related to Digital Law advancing at the same pace? Is the value of these professional services being correctly transferred to the market?

In order to answer these questions, the School of Law of the University of Navarra and the consulting firms Band 1 and Black Swan Consultoría have elaborated the report Positioning and Reputation of Digital Law in the Spanish Marketa document that delves into the positioning strategies of the services related to this area of internship.

Among its main conclusions, the report states that Digital Law professionals must also have a solid knowledge from other branches of law and also skills focused on this fast-changing and agile field, such as curiosity, interpersonal skills and creativity.

The report addresses the provision of services in Digital Law and highlights that it covers companies in any sector and requires a personalized attendance : identifying legal opportunities in subject technology of clients should be a priority for law firms. "Talking about "digital" client today makes no sense. All companies use technology to a greater or lesser extent Degree and , therefore, all are likely to be clients of Digital Law professionals", highlights the study.

On the other hand, the report points out that the human capital allocated to Digital Law matters requires a great capacity for coordination between teams from different areas of law, which turns this subject of advice into services of great sophistication. "The proposal of service provision in Digital Law is multidisciplinary and transversal. In the current context of digitization, rarely is a matter exclusive to one area (civil, criminal, commercial, administrative...)."

What is the "digital mindset"? What skills does the market demand?

According to report, there are three essential skills that all digital law professionals must have in order to compete in the market and position themselves in relation to other professionals and firms: mastering the legal basis, knowing the regulatory framework and the new legal mechanisms available around the new technologies and understanding the new business models, as well as the operation of digital tools

In this sense, the report concludes the need to adapt the curricula in academic centers: "It is urgent to sow in students the interest in new technologies, a task that must be done in a transversal way through the core subjects. This obligation applies to students, but also to teachers, who must have the basic knowledge to introduce the implications of digitalization in their respective fields (Civil, Labor, Tax...)".

The report 'Positioning and Reputation of Digital Law in the Spanish Market' is the result of the focus group organized by the University and the consulting firms Band 1 and Black Swan Consultoría, with the participation of Álvaro Bourkaib, partner of Cuatrecasas; Andy Ramos Gil de la Haza, partner of Pérez-Llorca; Eduardo Valpuesta Gastamiza, professor of Commercial Law and director of the Master in Digital Law of the University of Navarra; Gonzalo F. Gállego, partner of Hogan Lovells; Joaquín Muñoz, partner of Bird & Bird Spain; Leticia López-Lapuente, partner of Uría Menéndez; and Paloma Bru, partner of Pinsent Masons.