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Experts in Philosophy, linguistics, communication and medicine do research on "Consumption and lifestyles" at the ICS of the University of Navarra.

This course has created this transversal group of research and there are three others in the process of being created on "Migrations", "Philosophy and palliative care" and "Civic humanism".

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Alejandro N. García, Inés Olza, Luis Echarte and Charo Sádaba. PHOTO: Manuel Castells

The Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), the research center at Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Navarra, has launched a transversal group on 'Consumption and lifestyles'. Likewise, during the next academic year, three others will be set up on 'Migrations', 'Philosophy and palliative care' and 'Civic humanism'.

The transversal groups have as goal to bring together specialists from all over the campus - both from the ICS and from the various Schools- to investigate in an interdisciplinary way issues of great importance both for a specialized public and for the general public. The aim is to create value through the coordinated work of experts who approach an issue from different areas of knowledge or perspectives.

The group 'Consumption and lifestyles' is composed by Alejandro N. García (project 'Emotional culture and identity' of the ICS and professor of Philosophy and Letters), Inés Olza (project 'Public discourse' of the ICS), Luis Echarte (group Mind-brain of the ICS and professor of Medicine) and Charo Sádaba (professor of Communication).

The 'Migrations' will feature Rocío G. Davis (project 'Emotional culture and identity' of the ICS and professor of Philosophy and Letters), Jan Zienkowski (project 'Public discourse' of the ICS), Juan José Pons (professor of Geography and partner of the ATLANTES Program of the ICS) and Carolina Montoro (professor of Education and Psychology).

Encourage dialogue between disciplines

Carlos Centeno, researcher main of the ATLANTES Program, professor of Medicine and specialist of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, will coordinate 'Philosophy and palliative care'. Mariano Crespo (project 'Natural law and rationality internship' of the ICS), Alejandro Navas (professor of Communication and partner of the ATLANTES Program), Alejandro G. Vigo (researcher principal of project 'Natural law and rationality internship' and professor of Philosophy) and Ana Marta González (principal investigator of project 'Emotional culture and identity', scientific coordinator of the ICS and professor of Philosophy moral) will participate.

Also, Montserrat Herrero, principal investigator of project 'Religion and civil society' of the ICS and professor of Philosophy politics, will lead the group 'Civic humanism'.

This ICS initiative is in addition to others with which the center seeks to promote interdisciplinary dialogue at the University, such as the ICS Lectures on Humanities and Social Sciences, a series of conferences open to the university community and given annually by internationally renowned researchers; or the Ethics and Society Forum, under which various seminars are organized with the goal to address issues related to the improvement of life in common and society.