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A hundred professionals from the University of Navarra, at the presentation of the ICS in the campus

The President has highlighted the multidisciplinarity, the international outreach and the social impact of the research work carried out at the center.

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13/09/13 16:21 Isabel Solana

One hundred professionals from various Schools, centers and services of the University of Navarra attended the presentation of the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) at campus in Pamplona. The event was attended by the President, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, and the director general of the ICS, Jaime García del Barrio.

In his exhibition, the President highlighted "the multidisciplinarity, the international outreach and the social impact" of the research work carried out at the ICS. He also recalled that the University already has reference letter centers in the field of science and technology -Clinica, CIMA, CEIT...- and explained that the high school implies the implementation of this model of excellence in the field of Humanities, a further step in the aspiration of the University of Navarra to "become a true research university oriented to respond to the challenges of today's society".

For his part, the ICS general director focused on the profile of the researchers: he pointed out that they come from 17 countries and have been trained at prestigious universities such as Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, Columbia, Yale and Princeton. He also emphasized the interdisciplinary dialogue that takes place in the four areas that comprise the eight lines of research: Poverty and development; Globalization, human rights and interculturality; Family, Education and society; and Contemporary art.

Afterwards, there was a discussion moderated by Ignacio Uría, director of Nuestro Tiempo, with the participation of Ana Marta González, scientific coordinator of the ICS and principal investigator of project 'Emotional culture and identity'; Manuel Casado, researcher principal of project 'Public discourse. Persuasive and interpretation strategies', and José Ignacio Murillo, researcher principal investigator of project 'Mind-brain'.

It should be recalled that the Pamplona event is the first of the ICS roadshow. ICS roadshow The following events will be held in Seville (September 19), Vigo (September 24), Barcelona (October 10), Madrid (October 30), San Sebastian (November 7) and Valencia (November 14).

The goal of this presentation tour is to publicize the work of ICS among friends, graduates, parents of students and citizens in general, and to seek support for the different lines of research.