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Environmental volunteers: small gestures, big achievements

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PHOTO: Mauel Castells
13/11/13 17:29 Carolina Villegas

One of the activities carried out within the Science Weeks is the workshop volunteer activities Environmental in which, among other things, all the information about the Environmental Volunteers of the University, the activities they carry out and the impact they have on society is offered. During these days, the students of high school diploma who come to Hexagon Building can watch and learn how to classify insects, learn the secrets of the puffer fish or measure water quality.

The group of environmental volunteers began as an initiative of science students with environmental concerns. Currently, more than 70 students from all over the campus belong to it and it is part of the program of UAS-TANTAKA. These university students aim to send the message that anyone can help preserve the environment, "even by changing small habits in their daily routine," says Diego Calavia, in charge of project. To achieve their goal they carry out social awareness campaigns aimed at students, professors and employees throughout the University. The activities developed vary depending on the skills of each person, since they come from different career paths, but they always maintain the idea that if each person financial aid in what they are good at, they will be able to advance more and better exploit their possibilities of action.

At volunteers are currently carrying out their annual environmental-social campaign in support of a little two-year-old girl: A cap for Nerea. "We believe it is a gesture that costs nothing but financial aid to the family of this little girl," says Sandra Perez, coordinator of the campaign. Sandra encourages people to contribute by leaving plastic caps in the containers that have been placed all over Campus. The girl suffers from a disease that has not yet been clearly diagnosed by doctors, she has an alteration in chromosomes one and seven which causes a motor and intellectual delay and prevents her from leading a normal life. For each ton of caps a business donates 250 euros to the family to help in the research of the disease of the little girl and her treatment.