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Pablo Sánchez-Ostiz: "The Higher Institute of Religious Sciences is a long-range formative project ".

The Vice President of academic staff of the University participates in the commemorative act of the 25th anniversary of the ISCR.

13 | 11 | 2023

"The Higher Institute of Religious Sciences (ISCR) is a far-reaching formative project ". This was affirmed by Pablo Sanchez-Ostiz, Vice President of academic staff of the University of Navarra, in the commemorative act of the 25th anniversary of the launching of the center of training religious.

In his message he expressed his appreciation for the work done during this time and encouraged the students, alumni, professors and staff of the Institute to continue working so that "this is only the beginning" and that "its fruits will continue to multiply and have a capillary effect in the Church throughout the world".

The workshop began with the celebration of the Eucharist presided by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Navarra, Ignacio Barrera, who said he was proud of this initiative that today through its training manifests its love for society and the Church with more than a thousand alumni spread over thirty countries.

In his message, he compared the ISCR to the parable of the mustard seed: "25 years ago it was a seed sown and now it has become a tree to which many birds come to take shelter in its branches and shade.

The commemorative ceremony began with the projection of a video in which the first director of the Institute, Jaume Pujol, Archbishop Emeritus of Tarragona, sent a message from Mexico congratulating the Institute and those who are part of it on its anniversary. In the recording also several alumni of different professions brought to light anecdotes of their time studying at the Institute and detailed the reasons that led them to be formed in Theology.

The roundtable was moderated by Thaïs Rodés, professor and academic administrative assistant of the Institute, with the participation of Professor Emeritus Santiago Ausín, the alumni of the first graduating class 1998-1999, Baltasar Moros and Montserrat Tapias-Fernando, and Arantxa Azcona, the first administrative assistant of the Institute. During the ceremony, Professor Rodés thanked all those who have worked throughout the years to move the Institute forward, and remembered those who have passed away.

After Professor Sánchez-Ostiz's speech , the event was brought to a close by Ignacio Barrera, Vice Chancellor of the University. He was accompanied at the table by the Dean of the School of Theology, Gregorio Guitián and the director of the ISCR, Fermín Labarga.




ISCR 25th Anniversary