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"Some women do not see abortion as a means of liberation, but as an unfortunate 'solution' to problems that overwhelm them."

Ana Marta González affirms that abortion "turns against women themselves, to the extent that it exonerates the male from all responsibility in the generation".

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Ana Marta González. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
14/01/14 10:24 Isabel Solana

"Many, if not the vast majority of women, do not see abortion as a symbol or a means of liberation but as an unfortunate 'solution' to problems that overwhelm them and that would call for a more supportive approach". This was stated by Ana Marta Gonzalez, professor of moral Philosophy at the University of Navarra and scientific coordinator of the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS). The expert made these statements in the framework of the discussion on the new abortion law.

For Professor Gonzalez, claiming abortion as a right "tramples on the rights of the unborn child - who has them - and turns against women themselves, to the extent that it exonerates the male from any responsibility in the generation.

"Precisely because the woman bears in a special way the physical and psychological costs of pregnancy, the man has a special debt to her, in the same way that they both have a duty to educate the child they have given birth to and put it in a condition to lead a truly human life," he added.

For the ICS researcher, "forgetting these reciprocal debts does not contribute in any way to building a culture of genuine solidarity, which strengthens ties between genders and generations; rather, it pronounces the individualistic tendencies that we deplore so much in other contexts".

In this sense, he emphasized that "the solidarity that is often lacking in relations between peoples, between classes, between citizens, begins to be built from much lower down, in marital and family relationships: creating lasting bonds that ensure that people are never objects of transaction and consumption".

Advancing the cause of women on all fronts

Ana Marta Gonzalez added that there is currently a dialectic "between motherhood as a 'natural destiny' and motherhood as a woman's individual choice - extraordinarily rich in resources". This dialectic that "is often associated with a dialectic approach also dialectic of gender relations," she said, "does not allow us to advance in the deep understanding of the meaning of motherhood manager; something that cannot be done without considering, at the same time, parenthood manager. To be able to answer for one's actions before all those affected by them is a prior consideration to any truly free decision".

Finally, she expressed that "in order to advance the cause of women on all fronts, and, in the first place, so that women are not considered mere objects of sexual desire and a channel for reproduction, it is not enough for them to repeatedly and publicly claim their status as sexual subjects, but they must succeed in expressing this sexuality in the context of a relationship staff, presided over by reciprocity and respect. And at this level, although necessary, the law is insufficient".