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Arturo Ariño, reelected vice-president of the GBIF scientific committee

It is the biodiversity information infrastructure used by researchers and governments around the world.

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Arturo Ariño
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
14/10/13 11:20 Laura Latorre

Arturo Ariño, professor at the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra, has been re-elected vice-president of the scientific committee of GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility), the global biodiversity information infrastructure promoted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development development .

The GBIF is responsible for maintaining and providing the primary biodiversity data collected in thousands of instructions from data and scientific projects, which are used by researchers and governments around the world to understand and predict the state of the planet, as well as to formulate policies and laws for the protection of nature.

The scientific committee of this organization is made up of eight researchers, elected every two years by its members from among candidates from all over the world proposed by the participating countries. They represent the different scientific areas covered by the infrastructure. The mission statement of the committee is to guide the development of the infrastructure, so that it can provide an effective service now and in the future to the researchers who generate or use these data.

GBIF has 50 member countries and nearly 40 international organizations.