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More than 150 University students develop sustainable ideas in a hackathon on food and nutrition. mobility

The three winning students will participate in the national final of the competition in order to promote their idea in Silicon Valley.

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15 | 02 | 2022

The University of Navarra has organised this weekend the Dream Big, a Sustainability and Innovation Hackathon organised by Innovation Factory, Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; by the Innovation Club, made up of entrepreneurial students from all the University's Schools ; and by imagin, the digital services and lifestyle platform promoted by CaixaBank.

issue The 3BET team, formed by Daniela Roqueñi, Andrea Giammattei and Clarissa González, 5th year Architecture students, won first place by developing MOVE IT, a project to increase the number of users who access the University's campus on foot through a digital reward system. "We wanted to convey that walking a little bit more is, in the end, worth it. Not only because of the advantages we offer to users who use Move It, but also because we will be generating a positive effect within our own ecosystem: the University's campus ", explained Daniela.

During the workshop, more than 150 students from different Degrees of the University of Pamplona and San Sebastian, campus , developed different sustainable solutions related to problems associated with food and mobility. On the one hand, improving the mobility of the University's own campus in a more sustainable way; on the other hand, how to make the population eat in a healthier and more sustainable way. Some of the projects consisted of healthy food vending, healthy snacks for children, bulk sales, carsharing among students or projects related to electric vehicles, among many others.

The dynamics of the Dream BIG

The Dream Big goal consists of putting students at test so that they are able to solve any problem subject in record time. In this edition, the aim was to develop innovation projects that generate a positive impact on the environment, help companies to care for the ecosystem and allow these young people with a special sensitivity towards caring for the planet to inspire society from a unique space to create and develop their own entrepreneurial ideas. The proposed challenges were developed by the Innovation Factory team and The Real Green Food, the new corporate image of group Riverebro, which also sponsored the workshop. "The atmosphere was spectacular. It didn't feel like a competition. There was a general feeling of doing something very good together", said Andrea, another member of 3BET.

The students, divided into teams of three and four people, set up different projects using the Lombard methodology. A process of innovation widely used in Silicon Valley that highlights four phases core topic for the identification and resolution of any problem: inspiration, to analyse and understand the problem that arises; ideation, where the development and assessment of different alternatives and ideas begin; prototyping, to make tangible and refine the proposal; and speech, to explain the project through a strategy that allows measuring the impact and viability of the project. "The participants were surprised to see Architects participating and we were even more surprised. It is something we have to normalise. Innovation is not just for people in Economics or Business Administration. We will apply this methodology to all our next projects", concluded Clarissa.

A great team and prizes

The Dream Big jury was made up of Carlos Naya, director from School of Architecture at the University; Cristina Muñoz, Director of Planning and management at the University; Ricardo Perez, Director of Planning and at the University; Ricardo Perez, Director of Planning and at the University. Campus; Ricardo Pérez, Director of development at Innovation Factory; María Sáenz de Galdeano, director of the European Business and Innovation Centre of Navarra (CEIN); and Andrea Alonso, Product Manager of imaginPlanet. Together with them, a team of more than 15 people made up of students, researchers and staff administrative and service staff at the University, advised the teams and contributed to making the workshop much more dynamic and exciting.

As award, the 3BET winners will participate in the national final of the imaginePlanet Challenge to be held on 6 June in Barcelona. The winners of this last phase, in turn, will compete against each other to travel to San Francisco's Silicon Valley for 10 days, where they will enjoy a full incubation programme with training personalised by universities such as Stanford or Berkeley and visits to companies such as Netflix, Google, HQ, Instagram, Twitter or IDEO, among others.