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Students and graduates of design from the University participate in Madrid Design Festival

The School of Architecture of the University exhibits 'Diseñamos', which sample projects of students and graduates in design


15 | 02 | 2023

Madrid hosts the sixth edition of Madrid Design Festivalin which the University of Navarra's School of Architecture of the University of Navarra with the exhibition 'Diseñamos', which sample projects of students and graduates in design (Mentions in Product, Fashion and Service). 

The talk of presentation will take place on Friday, February 17 at 18:00 at the Institución Libre de teaching (entrance free of charge until fill in capacity). The exhibition can be visited until February 26th at the Institución Libre de teaching in Madrid.

"The works gathered in the present sample take reality as the basis of their raison d'être. It could be said that all of them share the unrenounceable optimism of the critical moment in which they have seen the light: seeking to find valid answers -ex novo- for our time; and exploring indistinctly and without prejudice possibilities that have been traveled and not traveled so far. At the same time, to a certain extent, they represent a multifaceted approach to a profuse variety of definitions of reality, trusting in the value of the questions rather than the answers and thinking more about the Username -and its psychology- than the physical product of the final design ", explains Juan Roquette, professor of design at the University.

This year the Festival focuses on "recognizing the excellence and transcendence of work of designers and to give visibility to a discipline that is essential to improve the daily lives of people. The projects in this edition reflect the attitude and the taking of sides from design in the face of the moment we are living," the organization explains.

Diseñamos' projects

1. 'Pangea', by Oihane Ardanaz

2. 'Loreak', by Carlota Cortezón

3. 'Sembrau', by Juan Manuel Fernández

4. 'Ondo', by Ana Lecea

5. 'Tulipa', by Gloria Armenteros, Joaquín Tobar and Emilio Argenzio

6. 'Pinzoo', by Belén García

7. 'Sinestesia', by Elena Brotons

8. 'Coasters', by Belén García

9. 'Hormigón 3D', by Julián Vidaurre

10. 'Jarrón 3D', by Javier Trujillo

11. 'Kemyt', by Andrea Bernal

12. Golden Poppy', by Inés Rosas

13. Chirico', by Emilio Argenzio

14. 'Food Sonority', by Iñaki Martínez Urdaci

15. Kilometer 0', by Miriam García Bernal