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The study groups of the Environmental Sustainability strategic line are defined.

Jesús Miguel Santamaría has set out the general guidelines for the twelve groups of work

meeting from committee executive multidisciplinary.

15 | 03 | 2021

Jesús Miguel Santamaría, coordinator scientific research line of Environmental Sustainability of the University of Navarra, has defined the general framework action of the twelve study groups that make up the line "Biodiversity and ecosystems management ".

An executive committee will be in charge of specifying the action plan for each of the twelve lines of work that have been defined in this area: climate and energy; biodiversity and nature; food system; materials and waste; Economics; mobility; Building sustainable; water and soil; Education; communication; health and sustainability; and air quality.

"Although the researchers work in a collaborative manner, each line has a manager in charge of identifying the objectives and study topics, exploring funding sources and helping to design the strategic plan for the next five years," says Jesús Miguel Santamaría, director of high school of Biodiversity and Environment of the University of Navarra (BIOMA).

It is expected that more than 100 researchers from different Schools and centers of the academic institution, as well as students and other members of the university community, will work together in order to contribute to such relevant objectives as the reduction of carbon emissions, the conservation of natural resources, the improvement of people's quality of life and the awareness of society through research and teaching.

"This first year is particularly important for BIOMA members, as we need to slightly reorient our research to integrate the environmental component in all areas of the University, as well as carry out various actions that will allow us to achieve a sustainable campus ," he adds.

We recall that the high school of Biodiversity and Environment - attached to the School of Sciences of the University - was created in December 2019 in order to respond to the environmental challenges faced by the poses, always from a scientific perspective and multidisciplinary.