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Pedro Soler, Imanol Miqueleiz and David González, winners of the first edition of the #100ciaen10 monologue contest.

In the competition, organized by the Science Museum of the University of Navarra, participated professors, students and graduates.

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15/04/19 12:15 Laura Juampérez

The microbiologists Pedro Soler and David González, and the biologist Imanol Miqueléiz, have been, respectively, winners of the first award and the two runner-up prizes of the first contest of monologues #100ciaen10 of the University of Navarra. The competition, organized by the Science Museum, has the goal to encourage communication and knowledge dissemination of science in a fun and entertaining format.

position The winning monologue, graduate "African Swine Fever: Viral Pandemic in the Animal World", was given by Pedro Soler, PhD in Microbiology. The two runner-up prizes went to the monologues "IUCN Red List for Dummies", by PhD student of Environmental Biology Imanol Miqueleiz, and "Are we evolving towards the holobiont: data of our other half", defended by Microbiology professor David González.

In this first edition, 10 monologuists participated, students of Degrees of the area of health sciences and Philosophy, teachers, researchers and alumni. Each had a maximum of ten minutes to present their monologue in an informative tone and accessible to the public. Among them was this year's finalist of the international monologue competition Famelab, Iñaki Echeverría, PhD student of department of Physics and Applied Mathematics of the academic center, who will take part in the national final of competition, in May in Madrid.

The I edition of the #100ciaen10 monologue contest was held in the context of the twelfth workshop of research in Experimental and Health Sciences, organized by the Schools of the area of health sciences with the purpose to bring out the research that takes place in the laboratories, through oral presentations, presentations, posters, etc.

The jury of the competition was composed of teachers, a student, staff of the area of communication and had as a guest the director of the Pamplonetario, Javier Armentia. The gala was conducted by the popularizer Ignacio López-Goñi and by little Sofía Cobreros, a first year ESO student from high school Miravalles.