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"The Education is the only tool we have to see the world with a critical spirit", Eduardo Prieto (MII'21), professional soccer VAR referee at the RFEF.

More than 800 students participated in the Alumni "i" event in which the University of Navarra welcomes future graduates to the Alumni community.

15 | 04 | 2024

On Thursday, April 11, the University of Navarra Museum hosted the sixth edition of the Alumni "i" event with the participation of Eduardo Prieto (MII'21), professional soccer VAR referee at the Royal Spanish Football Federation, and María Iraburu (BIO'87 | PhD'92), president of the University. This event brings together students from all Schools to remind them that the University does not end after graduation but continues to offer them spaces for training, development professional and reunion. 



The event began with a welcome from the presenters, Íñigo Gutiérrez (TECNUN'98 | PhD'99), director Alumni, and María Cabezas (COM'22), alumni of School Communication. Afterwards, former student Eduardo Prieto (MII'21), gave the session "The 7 lessons learned from arbitration".

Prieto explained to the students some of the lessons he has learned in his professional degree program . These lessons include knowing that failures can be turned into opportunities, being prepared at any time for when it's their turn to come off the bench, and working to achieve their dreams and get to where they want to be. "It's important to project where you want to be and pursue it. Dreams are attracted to, and you work for them."

During the session, the former student also shared his experience collaborating with the Fundación Enfermería Navarra to bring health resources to Ukraine. With this story he wanted to transmit to the students that "if you want to be happy, you not only have to be good at your profession, link your life to a purpose that makes the world a little bit kinder".

To conclude, the speaker encouraged students to "eat the world, but above all to be hungry to continue learning". All this, without leaving aside the values he has acquired during his time at the University, since for him the Education "is the only tool we have to see the world with a critical spirit".

At this event the students were also able to meet Inés García Paine (COM'93), president of Alumni, and the representatives of the Territorial Boards of Madrid, Mexico, Washington and Barcelona. Through a video, they encouraged the students to continue at contact with the University through the continuous training , the professional development , networking and the partnership and promotion of the campus projects. 

In addition, the students took one of their last exams of the degree program through a Kahoot! on knowledge of the University in which Orestes Barbero, a final year student of Philosophy and former participant of the television program Pasapalabra, participated along with the presenters. 

To close the event, the University's president , María Iraburu (BIO'87 | PhD'92), thanked the future graduates for their time at the University of Navarra and encouraged them to return whenever they wish: "Thank you because the University is nothing without its students. Thank you for having taken on the challenge, thank you for having lived intensely these years, for having studied, for having succeeded, for having failed and for having grown, which is what the University is all about. Always come back, because this is your home and will always be your home". 

The event ended with a photo of group of all attendees, followed by a cocktail enlivened by the student and DJ, Jorge Gimeno, on the esplanade of the Museum.

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