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Twelve University master's degrees are among the best, according to the 'ranking' of 'El Mundo'.

The postgraduate programs in Audiovisual Scriptwriting, Nutrition, research and development+I of Medicines, Political Communication and Educational and Psychological Intervention are awarded first place.

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15/06/17 12:25

Twelve of the University's master's degrees are among the best of its specialization program in Spain, according to the latest ranking of postgraduate programs published today by El Mundo. The newspaper analyzes the opinions of more than 800 experts and lists the 250 best programs, selected from more than 1,000 degrees offered by universities and other centers.

Of the twelve master's degrees included this year, five occupy first place. This is the Master's Degree in Audiovisual Screenwriting of the School of Communication, which stands out for its teaching staff, with "prestigious professionals in the field of audiovisual fiction content creation and highly recognized academics".

For its part, the Master's Degree in research, development and Innovation of Medicines, of the School of Pharmacy, leads once again the specialization program of Pharmacy. With more than 25 editions, the ranking underlines that each year "the management introduces changes in program, structure and schedules".

In addition, the Master's Degree European Nutrition and Metabolism (E-MENU) leads the ranking on the area Food. The newspaper refers to the completion of the work Fin de Master's Degree in different European universities, such as Bordeaux or Maastricht.

The Master's Degree in Political and Corporate Communication, twice distinguished with The Victory Award, and the Master's Degree in Educational and Psychological Intervention, in which each student has two tutors, one at the university and the other at the internship center, also remain at the top of the list.

In second place in the ranking are the Master's Degree in design Architectural, the Master's Degree in management of Communication Companies, the Master's Degree in Law of business, and the Master's Degree in Fashion Business Management, taught by ISEM.

Finally, the Master's Degree in advisory service Fiscal is placed in the third position of its specialization program, and in the fifth position, the Master's Degree in Economics and Finance, and the Master's Degree in research Biomedical.

IESE, contribution to development of business management around the world

El Mundo also includes a complete MBA guide , highlighting IESE' s Full-Time MBA, Executive MBA and Global Executive MBA programs. The newspaper underlines that, almost 60 years after its founding, IESE offers programs in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia, taught by professors from more than 30 countries, and highlights its contribution to the development of business management in Africa.

For the elaboration of this guide , 25 criteria have been taken into account, covering factors such as the demand of Master's Degree, human resources, Study program, the results obtained by the students and the material resources of each postgraduate program.