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The University is the second best in Spain according to the CYD ranking.

The University is first in Spain in "International Orientation" and second in "research" and "Transfer of knowledge".

FotoManuelCastells/The University of Navarra is first in Spain in International Orientation, according to the CYD ranking.

15 | 06 | 2022

The University of Navarra is the second best university in Spain according to the CYD ranking, after obtaining 28 high performing indicators out of a possible 37 in this classification. These results move it up one place from the third position obtained in previous years and also maintain its leadership among private universities in the Spanish university system. The first university in Spain according to the ranking, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, obtains the same 28 indicators of high performing, but obtains one more indicator of average performance than the University of Navarra.

The CYD ranking evaluates a total of 78 Spanish universities, 94% of the institutions offering Degree university education, of which 48 are public and 31 are private. It is currently the most complete ranking in terms of issue of universities and the most exhaustive in terms of the issue of indicators analysed.

The ranking divides the 37 indicators into five areas: "teaching and Learning", "research", "Transfer of knowledge", "International Orientation" and "Contribution to development Regional". In these areas, the University of Navarra is first in Spain in "International Orientation", second in "research" and in "Transfer of knowledge", and fifth in "teaching and Learning" for obtaining the highest issue indicators of high performing in these areas.

First in Industrial Engineering and third in Architecture

In addition, this year the CYD ranking has analysed 10 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines in the Spanish university system. Thus, the University of Navarra is first in the country in Industrial Engineering (out of a total of 31 universities offering this subject training), fourth in Mechanical Engineering (out of 37 universities) and fifth in Electrical Engineering (out of 41 universities).

In addition, in the ninth edition of the ranking, Architecture has been added as a new subject to the list of areas of the ranking. In this new area, the University of Navarra is third in Spain, standing out for its international outreach in terms of its students, professors, research funds and professional practices.

By region, the ranking places Navarre as the region with the highest performance indicators, followed by the Basque Country, Catalonia, Valencia and Madrid.