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Back to ''Los nuevos aparatos magnéticos permitirán saber cómo funciona nuestro cerebro o nuestro corazón sin alterarlos''

''New magnetic devices will make it possible to know how our brain or our heart works without altering them''

Javier Tejada participates in the Science Weeks with a talk on quantum mechanics and medical devices at the University of Navarra

15/11/11 16:44
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Javier Tejada PHOTO: Manuel Castells

According to the Navarrese physicist Javier Tejada, the new magnetic devices, such as the magnetocardiogram or the magnetoencephalogram, "will make it possible, thanks to quantum mechanics, to know how our heart or brain works without causing any alteration, which will be a giant step forward for Medicine". This was stated today by the expert at the University of Navarra, in a conference at discussion paper as part of the Science, Technology and Innovation Weeks.

Likewise, in his lecture "Human body and quantum mechanics", the award Príncipe de Viana de la Cultura and award Nacional de research 2009 stressed that quantum phenomena -those that take into account that an object is an subject that carries an associated wave and that, therefore, can behave in one way or another simultaneously- are also present in our heart:"The heartbeat is an electrical impulse, then magnetic. Even our brain can be a quantum machine, since it allows us, for example, to think in two languages at the same time, and that is a marvel that exists thanks to quantum".

Regarding the health effects of some devices such as cell phones, which work thanks to microwaves, the Full Professor of Physics of the Condensed subject clarified that it does not seem possible that they cause any harm to man, since they work with very low waves. However, he pointed out that we do not have enough history of their use to evaluate it, "and even less so of the use made by young people, which is much more intense than that of older people. So perhaps it would be advisable not to abuse these devices too much".