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742 students from Degree are enrolled in programs of study with a scholarship or credit from Banco Popular.

The President, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, and the Chairman of the financial institution, Ángel Ron, inaugurate the classroom Banco Popular

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The President and the President of Banco Popular, together with some of the grantees.
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
15/11/13 11:41

742 students from Degree at the University of Navarra are currently studying at programs of study thanks to a scholarship or a credit convertible into scholarship from group Banco Popular. These undergraduates benefit from two types of aid: the Alumni Scholarships and the Credits for Academic Excellence, both granted to people without economic resources and with very good academic transcript .

The University of Navarra inaugurated the classroom Banco Popular, located at Amigos Building, to express its gratitude for the financial aid granted to its students since the 2009-10 academic year by the financial institution, through the Fundación group Banco Popular. The event was attended by President, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero; the president of Banco Popular, Ángel Ron; Igor Errasti, Administrator of the academic center; Francisco Aparicio, secretary of committee of Administration of Banco Popular; and Fernando Merino, director territorial of the northern area of the bank.

The President pointed out that the classroom will serve as a reminder to students that "there are banks that are in solidarity with the students' training , as a lever to change the world".

For his part, the president of Banco Popular highlighted the success of the scholarship and aid programs. "We are proud to collaborate in the training of people who find it very difficult to study here, in one of the most prestigious universities in Spain. And as the years go by we want to reinforce this partnership", he pointed out.

Grants and Credits that turn into scholarship

The Programa de Créditos a la Excelencia, a specific and pioneering program of the University of Navarra and Banco Popular, grants educational credits to good students without resources to cover their educational expenses and accommodation during their stay at campus.     

The initiative aims to achieve academic excellence at student body, which can convert up to 75% of the principal amount of the financial aid plus interest into scholarship , depending on the grade obtained during that course. In the 2009-2010 academic year, when the program was launched, 102 credits were granted and there are currently 646, with an average amount converted into scholarship of 5,129 euros.

For their part, the Alumni ScholarshipsThe University of Navarra's own aid program, Education , aims to provide access to the program offered by the University to students with limited financial resources so that through their studies, work and research they can contribute to improving our society in the future.          

For the last five years, Banco Popular has earmarked an important financial aid each year to defray some of the costs of the Program. Specifically, in this academic year 2013-2014 the entity has financed 96 of the 300 Alumni Scholarships granted by the academic center, with an average amount of 7,489 euros. The economic financial aid is awarded according to the economic status of applicant, covering part or all of the costs of enrollment and accommodation.