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A biologist at CENER's Biomass department

Laura García (Biology 09 and Master's Degree MIB 10) had her first experience in this field at the Microbiology Department of the CUN.

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Laura Garcia
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16/04/18 11:58 Laura Juampérez

After completing the Master's Degree in research Biomedical at the University of Navarra, Laura García (Biology 09) started working at department Biomass at the National Center for Renewable Energy (CENER).

Thanks to the work Fin de Master's Degree in the Microbiology Department of the Clínica Universidad de NavarraLaura became familiar with the most current microbiological techniques. This learning, she now assures, has helped her to carry out her work as a biologist at CENER, where she researches on obtaining bioproducts from raw materials considered waste by the industry (agri-food, also with agricultural and forestry residues and even with chimney gases), after subjecting them to pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation processes. "We are now developing a very interesting gas fermentation line," he adds.

In these fermentation processes, he explains, is where the knowledge acquired in the Microbiology Service of the CUN comes into play "Above all, and this is one of the pillars of microbiology, because at the CUN I learned to work in sterility and to give it the real importance it has. I became familiar with work with strains that are not very "friendly" (subject Legionella) and I became aware of the measures that must be taken with different types of microorganisms, as well as the requirements of each one and the importance of giving each bacterium what it needs. We also worked with MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) as a raw subject , a waste subject that is taking an increasingly prominent role".

"In the end," he condenses, "I learned what research is andnow it's my day-to-day work."

"A Master's Degree that places you in your future career."

Looking back, the graduate in Biology from the School de Ciencias considers that the MIB met her expectations, "both theoretically and practically. It offered me the chance to learn about the most cutting-edge techniques and research in the field of biomedicine from their authors". A plus that this former student especially values.

Partly for this reason, he does not hesitate to recommend it to other students: "It is a unique opportunity to understand the world of research and how it works. Thanks to the internship part and the work End of Master's Degree, you will be able to intuit and experience what your future career will be like".

Laura summarizes the usefulness of the Master's Degree in research Biomedical in a final idea: "The MIB is a source of knowledge that brings you a little bit closer to the reality of the world of research ".