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38 professionals at Master's Degree Universitario de academic staff

The IV edition of the University Master's Degree is inaugurated in academic staff

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Students at classroom. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
16/10/13 08:30 Fina Trèmols

The Master's Degree University in academic staff (MUP) is part of the offerings of postgraduate program of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Navarra and is carried out in partnership with the School of Sciences and the institute of modern languages of the University of Navarra. It is an official university degree scroll that qualifies for the exercise of the professions of teacher in Education Compulsory Secondary School and high school diplomatraining Professional and teaching of Languages.

This Master's Degree is a pilot in the University of Navarra of the teaching on line through the Blackboard platform, a software for the creation of an environment of teaching-learning in network, which allows the creation and hosting of courses on the Internet, both on-line and in support of the traditional face-to-face teaching .

The internationalization of the Master's Degree University at academic staff is determined by the internships offered and the option of obtaining official certificates that enable to teach the subjects in English.

The MUP of the University of Navarra has as its purpose the training of professionals capable of developing with excellence their work in the fields of guidance and teaching.