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The Logroño City Council and the University sign an agreement agreement for students to collaborate in city projects.

Students will offer innovative solutions in the fields of sustainability, mobility, commerce, urban planning and digitalisation, among others.


16 | 12 | 2021

The Mayor of Logroño, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, has signed a partnership agreement with the director of the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra, Carlos Naya, for the development of the CT_LAB Logroño.

This is a project OTRI for the training of students through which the University of Navarra will offer innovative solutions to Logroño in the fields of sustainability, mobility, commerce, urban planning and digitalisation, among other issues. The name CT_LAB Logroño encompasses the different initiatives promoted by the School of Architecture in partnership with the Logroño City Council.

The aim of this synergy is to provide the students of the School withreal places and programmes with which to develop proposals of interest to citizens.

In total, four projects will be drawn up: The first one will be the planning for the Cubo del Revellín area included in the PERI Barriocepo. The second one will deal with the integration of the railway in Logroño. A series of housing proposals for groups of former social housing will be the third one project, and finally, a study on the relationship between the city and the surrounding territory will be elaborated.

Among the objectives of this agreement are the creation of links between the School of Architecture and the city by promoting projects that have Logroño as a setting; and the promotion of service-learning among the students of the University of Navarra.

The deadline of validity of the present agreement will be the academic year 2021/22, specifically until 30 September 2022. The agreement has a budget of 30,000 euros, 66% of which will be provided by the University of Navarra and the rest by Logroño City Council. In this sense, Logroño City Council will contribute a total of 10,000 euros to the University of Navarra for other expenses derived from the CT_LAB Logroño.