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University receives 1,930 applications for admission, 16% more than last year

FotoManuelCastells/Access tests held at the University of Navarra.

16 | 12 | 2021

The University of Navarra has received 1,930 applications from Admissions Office in the first call for applications. This figure represents an increase of 16% with respect to the same deadline of the previous year, with a higher increase in the number of Spanish applicants ( issue ). 468 of the latter were from Navarre, 43% of the total number of national students and 15% more than last year. 

It is still too early to make assessments, as we cannot know whether the increase is due to an anticipation in the students' decision making or whether it is a trend that is going to continue for the rest of the terms", says Juan José Cabrera, from the high school diploma or is it a trend that will continue for the rest of the terms", says Juan José Cabrera, director of the Admissions Office service. 

On 11 December, the entrance exams for this first call took place. Of the students who sat the exams, 56% took the exam online. It is worth noting that, despite the storm in Navarre over the last few days and the health status , 80% of the national applicants chose to come to campus in Pamplona to take the test exam in person. 

44% of international applicants

44% of the applicants were internationals from 42 different countries. apply for Admissions Office Only students with a grade equal to or higher than 7 in the 1st year of high school diploma or similar. In addition, the Schools Nursing and Medicine did not offer this call, while the School of Engineering only offered it to international students. 

Applicants will receive the resolution next January 13 and if it is positive, they will be able to start the process of enrollment for the academic year 2022/23. For students who have not yet applied to Admissions Office, the following deadlines are 21 February and 25 April.