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CeitThe maximum beneficiary of the Cervera Call for Technological Centers of Excellence

17 | 04 | 2024

The Technology Center Ceit has been the main beneficiary of the Cervera call for Technology Centers of Excellence in 2023, participating in three projects and leading one of them.  

Ceit 2.3 million for the FABRICARE, MADISON and CICERO projects.

The recent resolution final of the Cervera Call for Technology Centers of Excellence 2023, announced by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, has allocated significant funding for research and development projects in Spain. 12 projects have been subsidized with a public contribution of €38.3 million financed with NextGenerationEU funds from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (RRM) in the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR) of the Government of Spain that outlines the roadmap for a solid, inclusive and resilient economic reconstruction and to respond to the country-challenges of the next decade.

CeitThe maximum beneficiary of the call for proposals 

The technology center Ceit, member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), has been the main beneficiary of the call, obtaining support for three projects, leading one of them. 

FABRICARE: Collaborative, safe and smart manufacturing

Specifically, Ceit leads the project FABRICARE (Collaborative, safe and intelligent manufacturing through advanced interfaces, robotics and digital twins), subsidized with 3.4 million euros and in which CTC, Tecnalia, Ikerlan and Aidimme also participate. The project, which had its first consortium meeting last April 10, has as its main goal research and develop lines of work that contemplate different technologies within intelligent manufacturing in collaborative environments.

CICERO: Cybersecurity for the network of the future

On the other hand, led by Gradiant, Ceit also participates in the project CICERO (Intelligent cybersecurity countermeasures for the network of the future) together with I2Cat, Fidesol and ITCLe(Castilla y León Technology Center). Subsidized with an financial aid of 3.5 million euros, this project seeks to implement a strategic program of research and development+i in cybersecurity, oriented to transfer, complemented with the generation and recruitment of talent researcher in cybersecurity.

MADISON: Digitalized and sustainable additive manufacturing

Finally, Ceit participates in the project MADISON (Additive Manufacturing, digitalization and sustainability), led by Aidimme and in which CATEC (Andalusian Foundation for the aerospace development ) and Lortek participate. MADISON, subsidized with 3.2 million euros, seeks to address different challenges of research presented by Additive Manufacturing technologies when applied to metallic materials, increase the impact of the training of excellence in the staff of the participating centers, as well as attract talent and enhance the scope of the results to both academic community and companies. 

With the sum of these three projects, Ceit has received a total of 2.3 million euros subsidy that address various technological aspects core topic and seek to promote innovation in strategic areas for the industrial and economic development of Spain. 

About the Cervera Call for Technology Centers

The Cervera call, managed by the Center for Technology and Innovation development (CDTI), aims to promote public-private partnership and the transfer of knowledge to generate an impact of development and growth of the Spanish innovation ecosystem by supporting the training of technology centers of excellence and support agents in strategic technologies.