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Imanol Miqueleiz (BIO'14) researches in New York on the conservation of biodiversity in freshwaters

The Pamplona native, former student of the School of Sciences, enjoys a scholarship of research postdoctoral at Cornell University.

/Imanol Miqueleiz at Niagara Falls

17 | 05 | 2022

Imanol Miqueleiz is a former student of Biology (2014) and PhD (2020) by the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra and since this academic year he enjoys a scholarship, of two years duration, at Cornell University (Ithaca, New York). This scholarship, granted by the Ramón Areces Foundation, is for postdoctoral programs of study in Life Sciences and subject.  

"The project aims to increase information available worldwide on freshwater biodiversity and its threats, while exploring opportunities to conserve it more efficiently," says Miqueleiz.


Big Data applied to biodiversity conservation

Miqueleiz works at Peter McIntyre's laboratory , at the department of Natural Resources and Environment at Cornell University, on issues related to the conservation of freshwater biodiversity, through data analysis. "It consists of analysing the information we have on freshwater vertebrate species (where they live, whether they are at risk of extinction) and putting it together with the information we have on threats (for example, the effect of climate change on rivers) and what opportunities there are to conserve them (through protected areas).

Imanol's research revolves around four axes. On the one hand, in the coming years, the young man from Navarre intends to update a global database of freshwater vertebrates and make it public so that other scientists can use this information for their research. On the other hand, Miqueleiz plans to use statistical models to try to predict the potential issue of fish species in the world's rivers.

Another important aspect he envisages is a global analysis of the most biodiverse single freshwater sites in order to try to protect them, as well as to calculate the cost of protecting these natural areas. "I hope to ensure that freshwaters do not fall by the wayside in conservation efforts and that their importance for both biodiversity conservation and human well-being is highlighted.