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Tecnun launches the Master's Degree in Technological Innovation and the Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence.

They will be held in Madrid and San Sebastian respectively and can be accessed from any engineering or other technical degree program Degree .

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The director of development of Tecnun, Iñigo Gutiérrez. PHOTO: Communication Service
17/11/20 11:03 Communication Service

Tecnun will expand its academic programs next academic year 2021-22 with two new master's degrees: in Technological Innovation, which will be taught at campus in Madrid , and in Artificial Intelligencewhich will be offered at campus in San Sebastian.

Likewise, the complements of training necessary to access Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering from other Engineering programs Degrees can be taken online.

Iñigo Gutiérrez, director of development of Tecnun, explains these academic novelties:

Are these two new master's degrees part of Tecnun's strategic plan?

That's right. The launch of two new master's degrees is a clear commitment to training in the field of postgraduate program. We are a Research University and our main goal is to offer our students a high quality training .

In the campus of San Sebastian we will teach the Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence, motivated by the demand of companies in the industrial sector in experts in this technology.

In addition, Tecnun has very strong research groups in this sector that have had extensive experience in teaching in this field for several years. This project will benefit the emergence of new research and development projects and new relationships with professors and researchers who are experts in key areas such as data analysis.

At campus in Madrid we will offer the Master's Degree in Technological Innovation, focusing on internationalization and new relationships with companies. All this will have an impact on the quality of the teaching of our students and the opportunities employment they find.

What characterizes Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence? 

It is a technological Master's Degree with which we know that we will provide a great service to industrial companies, because there is a huge demand for engineers with these skills and we want to be a reference in Artificial Intelligence. The Master's Degree is aimed at all our students and students from other universities of Degrees such as Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics. The mathematical basis to take it is important. It is a bilingual Master's Degree and 25% of the professors will be from companies.

And what are the keys to Master's Degree in Technological Innovation?

It is a novelty in Madrid, which will strengthen the presence of Tecnun and the University in the capital. The Master's Degree offers an overview of various technologies and tools of management in the field of innovation, and trains student whose profiles are in demand by consulting companies, multinationals or technology services. For the design of this Master's Degree we have talked to more than 50 companies and we have made a very exhaustive market research .

It is a Master's Degree designed for students in the field of technology and being in Madrid will surely strengthen our commitment to internationalization in the postgraduate program. It is also bilingual and 50% of the professors will be from companies in the sector.

Is there an option to take a double Master's Degree?

Yes, we have a new product that will strengthen our offer of postgraduate program next year. The students of the Degrees in Industrial Engineering will be able to take the double Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and Technological Innovation or Artificial Intelligence, while the students of the Degrees in Telecommunication Engineering will be able to take the double Master's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. In two years they would have an enabling Master's Degree and a specialist one.