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From Pamplona to Zaragoza, Madrid and New York, the initiatives of the students of Master's Degree at programs of study Curating know no borders.

Many and varied are the projects on which the graduates of Master's Degree embark, demonstrating their initiative and capacity for entrepreneurship in the world of art.

18 | 03 | 2022

Constanza Huerta del Soto, Alumni'19, has launched Picnic in Madrid, an exhibition conference room designed for dialogue around the artistic fact and the physical space in which it is located. Through encounters between the public and the artists, a constant exercise of reflection on the artistic internship , its scope and implications is proposed.

The project Feeling/Concealing, curated by Huerta herself and Antonio de Clemente, also Alumni'19, has been selected to be exhibited in the exhibition halls of the Zaragoza City Hall from May 12 to July 3. Feeling/Concealing talks about surfaces and mediations; filters and skins; cities and caves. It is an attempt to return to a direct experience of the real through the unmediated and to a reflection on the very cultural nature of the artistic act. 

Antonio de Clemente is also developing projects in the field publishing house. Among others, it is worth mentioning the artistic direction and publishing house of El ojo vaciado, awarded by the association Aragonesa de Críticos de Arte as "Best publication on contemporary art of Aragonese author or topic ".

Renata Álvarez, Alumni'20, is part of La Revuelta, a collective of women art curators that seeks to name and recognize itself within the cultural, political and social scene. Her goal is to build a learning community so that women can generate their own paths in the artistic field.

La Revuelta will open Recontarnos at Apexart NYC on March 25, exhibition multidisciplinary by Central American women artists that highlights and intertwines the lived experiences, perspectives and shared resilience of women in the region. The selected works link acts of resistance with representations of everyday life, violence and loss, interpretations of feminisms and the female body, youth and old age, among other themes. The sample will be on view in New York from March 25 to May 21.