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Tecnun's automotive team competes in Formula Student

Engineering students represent Gipuzkoa at the Riccardo Paletti circuit in Italy

FotoCedida/28Tecnun students participate in Formula Student Italy

18 | 07 | 2022

The Tecnun eRacing automotive team has gone to test at the Ricardo Paletti racetrack of the university formula 1. "We have been more than 65 teams from many countries and we have seen real craziness, some with very good conditions and very competitive," they express. Even so, Tecnun students perceive that most of the students who participate in Formula Student do so with the mentality of learning from their mistakes and from the work of the rest of the teams, so there is "a positiveskill that encourages growth".

The biggest difficulty the Tecnun students have encountered has been the electrical part of the car. "We haven't been here long since we made the switch from a combustion car to an electric car and fully understanding how it works and ensuring its reliability is still a big challenge". While they have been working all year to arrive strong at this international competition that pits more than 2,500 university students against each other, the electrics and electronics team has had to work day and night in Italy to get the car ready for the dynamic tests.

 "There are many hours of work behind the final result and this is grade in many details, from design to the team we form," says student Javier Ibargoitia . He describes Tecnun eRacing as a very united team, very well organized and in which "we complement each other by helping each other as much as possible".

In addition, at the Paletti racetrack they were able to count on the financial aid of the other teams, with whom they created an atmosphere of work and companionship. "Living with each other and with other people in a campsite is an essential part of what it means to go racing and an experience that has brought us even closer together."

At the end of August the "Ter22" will return to the Catalan circuit of Parcmotor Castellolí.

Formula Student

Formula Student is a competition that pits students from universities around the world against each other for the purpose of promote engineering excellence. Members of each team design, build, develop and race a single-seater vehicle.

The goal of the Formula Student is to simulate a real status in which a competition business would hire engineers to develop a prototype. The jury, made up of motor racing experts, assesses the car's ability to meet high performance in terms of acceleration, braking and stability, as well as its maintenance, costs, aesthetics and reliability. Students can accumulate up to 1,000 points in two different tests: static tests, which do not require the car to be in motion and analyze the technical characteristics of the car, and dynamic tests, in which points are awarded based on the time achieved on the track.