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BBVA professionals studying for the Master's Degree in Big Data Science tell us about their experience

Students agree on the importance of training in data science, a discipline in continuous transformation.

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18/11/20 14:42

Professional profiles related to the science of data and artificial intelligence are increasingly in demand. In order to be able to analyse the huge amount of information, companies from all sectors need professionals who are well trained in advanced analytics from data. Thus, the skills that students acquire in the Master's Degree University Degree in Big Data Science are designed to respond to these needs.

"I consider this Master's Degree an exceptional opportunity, a data-driven business should also focus on giving training to its employees, and BBVA is doing so. The fact that it is being carried out with a prestigious university such as the University of Navarra gives solidity to project", explains student Alba Prieto, who is part of the CoE GRM Analytics at BBVA.

Alba belongs to the first class of BBVA employees studying the Master's Degree in Big Data Science at the University of Navarra. The professionals have been selected from different Departments within the bank, such as Customer Solutions, Analytics and Innovation, Risk Management and GRM Analytics.

"The agreement BBVA-University of Navarra is a firm commitment by the organisation to develop the potential of its employees, who will share their knowledge in the teams where they work. This supports the transition to a data-driven organisation," says Alberto García Hernández, team member CoE Finance Holding at BBVA.

Understanding technologies

This commitment to talent at business enriches the teams in different areas. "I hope to fill in my skills of management of projects with techniques learned for the preparation of data and development in Python of suitable algorithms to obtain profitable results for the area in which work", explains Áurea Chacón, member of the CIB Engineering in BBVA.

The goal of this official degree scroll is to provide professionals with the fundamental tools and knowledge in the areas of Data Science, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. During the course, students will specialise in subjects such as Python, Machine Learning or Deep Learning, and will carry out their Final work of Master's Degree with a real project at BBVA, which will be co-supervised by professors and academics from the University of Navarra. 

"This Master's Degree will allow employees who take it to learn the programming standards with data or become familiar with Machine Learning. And, therefore, be able to provide much more effective and original answers to the lines of business they already master", says José Antonio Rodríguez-Serrano, Cross Domain Analytics Manager, BBVA.

The Master's Degree is directed by the high school of Science of the data and Artificial Intelligence (DATAI), which is attached to the School of Engineering-TECNUN, a centre that is committed to research and the transfer of knowledge to the industrial, business and social spheres.

"Our students not only acquire a deep understanding of the technologies and models involved in the science of data - explains Stella Salvatierra, Academic Director of the Programme and Deputy Director of DATAI - but also in the communication and implementation of the results, so that the whole process culminates successfully in the generation of competitive advantages for the companies".