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In the shoes of... Luis Ravina


23 | 01 | 2023


When you enter the office of Luis Ravina, professor at School of Economics and researcher of Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), one of the first things that catches your eye is a large piece of dark wood in the shape of a lion. "It's a bit imposing," he says amused, but he keeps it with great affection, as it was a gift brought to him from Kenya. This is, precisely, one of the countries in the world that the former Dean of the School would visit, driven by his adventurous spirit. test of it, too, are the sports shoes he wears and in which we put on today, to know him a little more closely.

1.- If you had to give a book as a gift, what would it be?
Anna Karenina, by Leon Tolstoy. I think it's a great book to give to a wide variety of people. Besides, it is very long, which is an advantage, because you have to dedicate a lot of time to it. People go too fast and what better than to calm down with a good read.

2.- Any hobbies?
Quite a few. I have to keep everything tidy and, at the same time, some things untidy. Too much order bothers me as much as too much disorder.

3.- What is the most rewarding part of your day to day?
Discussing with students some news or books I have read and seeing their response. I like to incite curiosity.

4.- What would you have been if you had not been a university professor and researcher?
Adventurer. I love to travel and learn about different cultures.


5.- Which have been your best years?

6.- Do you have any fears?
At times I have vertigo, a fear of very large geographical imbalances.

7.- Your favorite song?
It depends on the moment. Sometimes listening to Mozart is wonderful, but also listening to Cold Play or Kravitz's hard rock.

8.- What surprised you most when you arrived at the University of Navarra?
The human quality of the people, the honesty and the naturalness.

9.- With which historical figure would you have a coffee?
With Konrad Adenauer. I think he is a spectacular person.

10.- Who do you nominate?
Carmen Basanta, director of Areté, a association that I helped to create.