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Piedad de la Cierva: science, passion and achievements

Inmaculada Alva gave a seminar to present the figure of Piedad de la Cierva, a pioneer Spanish scientist of the 20th century.

19 | 01 | 2024

Throughout history, the presence and impact of women in science and technology are undeniable, although they have often been relegated to the shadows of history. The invisibility of their achievements generates an absence of female references among younger generations who are unaware of those pioneering women scientists whose dedication and perseverance have paved the way.

In this context, Professor Inmaculada Alva, researcher at the programs of study Josemaría Escrivá Center, gave a lecture seminar graduate "Piedad de la Cierva: science, passion and achievements" on Tuesday, January 16. The event was held at School Science and was attended by students and teachers belonging to group Women for Science.

During the presentation, Alva highlighted the scientific contributions made by Piedad de la Cierva, a pioneering Spanish scientist born on June 1, 1913 and who died on December 31, 2007. The researcher delved into the context of the time and the relationships that De la Cierva established with both Spanish and foreign colleagues throughout her degree program. In addition, she highlighted the positive impact of his contributions in three fundamental areas for the advancement of scientific knowledge and industrialization in Spain: artificial radioactivity, the development of optical glass and the manufacture of insulating refractory brick.

Throughout her exhibition Inmaculada Alva also pointed out how the scientist combined her work and research with her vocation to Opus Dei. According to the professor, "Piedad de la Cierva saw that dedication to Opus Dei would allow her to combine her love of science with her desire to do God's will and to perform a Christian service to society. The meeting with Opus Dei was the result of a spiritual search that had accompanied her since she was young".

The seminar not only provided a deeper insight into the achievements of Piedad de la Cierva, but also served as a reminder of the importance of recognizing and celebrating the contributions of women in science. This event, at partnership with Women for Science, seeks to inspire younger generations to recognize and value the crucial role women have played and continue to play in these fields, challenging stereotypes and building a more equitable future.