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Navidad Caga: "The natural evolution of Nursing demands professionals with transformational leadership skills".

The director of the Master's Degree in internship Advanced and management in Nursing of the University of Navarra celebrates the first year of pathway of management with a new booklet

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PHOTO: Miriam Salcedo
19/06/14 13:20 Miriam Salcedo

It is one y ear since the pathway of management of theMaster's Degree in internship Advanced and management in Nursing that the School of Nursing of the University of Navarra teaches together with IESE. The celebration coincides with the launch of its new brochure, a guide which, according to Navidad Canga, director of postgraduate program, "aims to be a brief and clear presentation of the objectives of Master's Degree". These objectives, according to Canga, are"to train competent professionals in two leadership profiles that respond to the current needs demanded by Nursing: advanced internship and management". To find out in depth what they consist of, we have order to the director of the Master's Degree the result of this first year that has united the two specialties in the postgraduate program.

What is the balance of this first year of pathway of management?
This course has been very positive, both for the students and for the organization of Master's Degree. The partnership with IESE has contributed to the acquisition of complex management content. The students have shown a constant eagerness to improve, with a very participative attitude, thanks to the fact that the classes have also been very interactive.

How does this profile manager complement the researcher and the internship advanced nurse manager?
In the United States the Degree nurses work in the Clinical Units with the advanced internship nurses and the managers. In Spain they still do not work according to this model. These professional profiles do not exist, they are not established in the nursing profession. Until now, in our country, organizational tasks were generally carried out by the supervisor, a position that was assumed by a competent nurse with professional experience, but without training for this purpose. With our Master's Degree we give that training and prepare our students in the advanced internship and the management. This is the trend towards which Nursing is heading. There is an increasing demand for leading professionals capable of contributing to the improvement of nursing practice and discipline . For this reason, we felt it was essential to include this profile manager in our Master's Degree. In Spain this postgraduate program is the only one to combine advanced internship and management, two professional profiles that can and should work together in the clinical internship .

How financial aid this Master's Degree to a new graduate?
The general comment among the students is that with postgraduate program they have experienced a very strong growth both staff and intellectually. Most of them say that taking it has given them an insight into the broad perspectives of discipline.

What is the career prospects of a student of Master's Degree?
After Master's Degree students are prepared for three specific profiles. On the one hand, for the teaching and research, since it enables them to start the doctorate. Regarding the advanced internship , the student who leaves Master's Degree has the tools to work in any Clinical Unit leading the research and the advance in the development of care. In this way, he/she also generates knowledge and financial aid to the progress of Nursing. From the profile manager, a postgraduate is ready to improve the quality of nursing care through Personnel Management Service and strategic planning of Clinical Units, among other management competencies.