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A graduate participates in a meeting of young researchers with Nobel Prize winners.

Charles Breeze, researcher at University College London, will join the group of Physiology-Medicine nobels.

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Charles Breeze, in front of the University College of London building.
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19/06/14 13:35 Laura Latorre

Charles Breeze, graduate at Biochemistry by the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra, has been selected to participate in a meeting of young researchers with award Nobel laureates.

The meeting, which will be held from June 29 to July 4 in Lindau (Germany), will bring together 600 researchers - up to the age of 35 - and 37 Nobel laureates. Specifically, Breeze will be part of the group of winners in the category of Physiology or Medicine.

The Lindau Foundation and the committee Lindau organize this annual meeting to promote the meeting and the dialogue between young students and researchers with renowned scientists.

Breeze, who is doing her doctoral thesis on the epigenetics of diabetes mellitus subject 1 at University College London, notes that "it was quite a surprise to get through the final phase, i.e. to get to Lindau". However, he acknowledges that he had invested a lot of effort in getting there. "My first reaction was to share this news with my family, friends and colleagues at work," explains graduate, who was taken by surprise in Cambridge, at the European Bioinformatics Institute, where he is on a research stay.

issue On his selection process , he emphasizes that, among the grantees of the Marie Curie program of the European Commission, the Commission can propose each year a limited number of candidates to the board of the Lindau meetings."It is a two-level selection: first the European Commission must approve the candidacy and then it is up to board in Lindau to approve it," he points out.

Finally, as requirements to participate in the meeting , it is evaluated that the applicant should state what their contributions can be and what they expect to receive from the program, in addition to fill in their curriculum, which is valued, among other merits, the issue of publications and the fact that they have worked in different educational centers and research.

Nobel Laureates who will participate in the meeting in Lindau:

Peter Agre
Werner Arber
Françoise Barré-Sinoussi
Bruce Beutler
J. Michael Bishop
Elizabeth Blackburn
Aaron Ciechanover
Steven Chu
Johann Deisenhofer
Peter Doherty
Martin Evans
Edmond Fischer
Walter Gilbert
Harald zur Hausen
Jules Hoffmann
Robert Huber
Sir R. Timothy Hunt
Brian Kobilka
Jean-Marie Lehn
Barry Marshall
Hartmut Michel
Ferid Murad
Erwin Neher
Richard Roberts
Bert Sakmann
Randy Schekman
Brian Schmidt
Hamilton Smith
Oliver Smithies
Thomas Steitz
Roger Tsien
John Walker
Arieh Warshel
Torsten Wiesel
Kurt Wüthrich
Ada Yonath
Rolf Martin Zinkernagel