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Institute for Culture and SocietyParticipation in activities of other centers and universities (December 2013)

19/12/13 16:29 ICS

project 'Emotional culture and identity'

Alejandro Garcia gave a session at training on December 11 at ISEM Fashion Business School entitled 'Sociology of consumption and fashion'.




Pilar León was the organizer and speaker in the 'Clinical Ethics Program: Interprofessional Relations (II). Mixed course, face-to-face and virtual classroom ', held at high school Official Medical Association of Navarra from November 27 to December 19.



Claudia Wassmann participated in 'EUtROPEs: The Paradox of European Empire', a symposium of 'The Mellon Fellows' at the University of Chicago Center in Paris, December 5-7.




project 'Education of human affectivity and sexuality'

Jokin de Irala attended a meeting at the Archbishopric of Pamplona related to the colloquium 'Family and Life', which will take place on November 14 and 15, 2014 at the high school Official Medical Association of Navarra. He will be one of the scientific advisors of the meeting. 



project 'Natural law and rationality internship'

Alejandro Vigo offered the lecture 'Suárez und die aristotelische Au_ assung der praktischen Wahrheit' at the international colloquium 'Ethik and Politik des Aristoteles in der Frühen Neuzeit', which took place in Münster (Germany) from December 11 to 14. 



project 'Mind-brain: biology and subjectivity in contemporary Philosophy and neuroscience'.

Javier Bernácer offered the lecture 'Philosophy and neuroscience: lights, camera, action' at the Pamplona Planetarium. The activity was part of the cycle 'Science and humanism', organized by the Ateneo Navarro and the Club de Amigos de la Ciencia. 



Fran Güell offered the lecture 'Novedades en el knowledge sobre el inicio de la vida' in the framework of the 'Conferencias de Bioética 2013-2014', that the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos organizes for the students of the School of Health Sciences and the School of Medicine. Likewise, he gave an extraordinary seminar in the Master's Degree University in Bioethics and doctoral program in Bioethics of the Rey Juan Carlos University and San Pablo CEU University, under the degree scroll 'The biological and ontological status of the human embryo'. On the other hand, she participated in the congress 'Parental Responsibility in the Context of Neuroscience and Genetics' organized by Maastrich University at partnership with the Dutch Centre for Society and the Life Sciences on December 9. His discussion paper focused on 'Genetic manipulation, assisted reproductive technologies and the principle of procreative beneficence'.

Navarra Center for International Development

Luis Alberiko Gil-Alaña y Pedro Mendi attended the Job Market organized by the association Spanish Economics in Santander.




Luis Ravina attended meetings at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.




project 'Religion and Civil Society'

Jaume Aurell participated in the colloquium 'Representations of Power at the Mediterranean Borders of Europe (12th-15th) at the Universität Kassel (Germany) with the discussion paper 'The Symbolic Meanings of the Self-Coronations in Medieval Iberia'.



Carmen Cueto Attended the conference of work on EU information in Brussels at the invitation of the General Administration Communication of the European Commission. She took part in meetings and sessions at work with other EU information experts from universities in the Member States. Secularism and Political Belonging'.