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Accessibility in video games: leisure is also a right

Enrique García Cortés defends at the University of Navarra the importance of making technological space available to people with disabilities

20 | 02 | 2024

On February 19, the third session of the series "Training to understand disability", organized by Tantaka, the Solidarity Time Bank of the University of Navarra, took place in the theater of the Museum of the University of Navarra. Enrique García Cortés, presenter of the ONCE telecupón, coordinator of the GA11Y initiative of the ONCE Foundation and a great fan of video games, spoke to the audience about accessibility in the world of video games.

Enrique García, who has been trying for many years to favor inclusion and accessibility in all aspects of daily life, especially in the technological aspect, began the session with a Kahoot in which attendees had to answer various questions about the adaptability of technology today. "The video game industry has always had a lot of willingness to change, because it has been a very brave and very transformative industry," he said. As he explained, there are many tools that adapt various games to people with disabilities, whether it is a physical or intellectual disability. In contrast, he assured that there is still a lot of room for further improvement: "An adapted videogame has to have all the accessibility tools, yes, but sometimes we forget that it also has to be fun".

With this message of inclusion in all areas, the third session of the cycle concluded. The fourth and last session will be held on Monday 26th. It will be held at position by chef Ángel Palacios, promoter of the initiative "Cocinar a ciegas" (Blind Cooking).