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The University of Navarra Museum was presented in London

On March 20, presentation was held at high school Cervantes in London, with about 200 attendees.

20/03/13 11:44
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The organizational team from left to right: Arantxa Martínez, Miguel López-Remiro, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, Chris Valenzuela, Pilar Lostao, Eva Sierra, Elisa Montserrat and Isidro Abad.
PHOTO: Courtesy

The presentation of the Museum in London, promoted by the Vice Rectorate of International Office, was chaired by President, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, and by the director of the Museum, Miguel López-Remiro. At the event, the main ingredients of the art center were presented to Londoners: the collection, its architecture and artistic activities.

Among the nearly 200 attendees, mostly cultural agents from London, executives from large corporations and alumni from the University of Navarra, were also representatives of the Museum's founding partners, such as Zurich Seguros, whose CEO in Spain, Vicente Cancio, spoke about the reasons that led him to invest in a project like this one.

During the presentation, a video was shown for the first time presenting the most relevant people in the development of project: the architect Rafael Moneo, the American artist Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, the Argentine curator Manuela Moscoso, young artists such as the Portuguese Pedro Neves and the Navarrese June Crespo or Lorea Alfaro, and others with a longer career such as Fernando Pagola, artist from San Sebastian and member of the board of trustees of the Museum.

At the end of the event an aperitif of typical Navarrese food was served, sponsored by the Navarrese winery 'Propiedad Arínzano' and there was a meeting which served the University and the Museum to make new contacts and create alliances with the English society.