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Mateo Gerbi, representative of the School Science, wins La Voz de tu School 2023

The second classified was Cristina Barro, student of Journalism in the School of Communication, and the third place was for Reynald Guiao, student of History in the School of Philosophy and Letters.

FotoRaquelArilla/Mateo Gerbi, 1st year Biology student at School and winner of La Voz de Tu School, welcomed by his classmates at the end of the concert.

17 | 03 | 2023

Mateo Gerbi, a 1st year Biology student at School Science, was the winner of the 7th edition of the contest La Voz de Tu School, organized by the Museum of the University of Navarra and with the support of Campus Home. Second place went to Cristina Barro, a 1st year Journalism student at School Communication and Reynald Guiao, student 3rd year History student at School Philosophy and Letters, won third place.

The Pilar Moreno Awards recognized those who have participated the most in the MUN proposals this year: Martina Durán, student of Nutrition at School of Pharmacy and Nutrition; José Pablo Pomar, MUN ambassador and Tecnun alumni; and Nacho Perlado, professor at School of Education and Psychology.

The final gala was attended by the 12 finalists, representatives of the different Schools, who performed in front of a dedicated audience that filled the Teatro del Museo. With their votes, the best singer of campus was chosen. Gerbi, a native of Argentina, won the first award with her interpretation of Mon Laferte's Aunque te mueras por volver. "She is one of my favorite trans-Andean artists. Apart from having a powerful voice and high range board member , she is extremely capable in my opinion of expressing emotions in such a vulnerable and raw way. Aunque te mueras por volver is a dedication to all the people who have found themselves in a similar status , who have dealt with these feelings of belittlement, their own or from the outside, to be able to find that inner voice and confront them."

For the winner of this edition, participating in La Voz de Tu School has been something unique: "It was one of the best experiences of my life, to the point that I wished it would never end so that I could continue going every Wednesday to the Museum with incredible colleagues and teachers to follow our training. Everything was impressive and at an extremely high level of professionalism. I would highlight when we went all the contestants and staff from the Museum to Madrid, where we were able to meet the band, the backing singers and the whole Jana team involved in this event".

Thus, the final gala has also been one of the moments of greatest learning: "It is striking the contrast between how fast the whole concert goes by and how slow it is when you are the one on stage. It is a unique sensation that I have never felt in my life, not even in rehearsals".

That is why he does not hesitate to encourage other classmates to live the experience: "I strongly recommend this experience to all students who like music and singing. Apart from the fact that the training board member and scenic is supreme, it is touching how you meet people, how the group goes from being a group of contestants to a group of classmates and friends who have lived the same experiences for a month. And Jana goes from being a producer to a second family to whom I am eternally grateful for having rekindled my passion for music. It is a beautiful experience and extremely difficult to put into words".

The selection process to participate in the contest began in January and, starting in March, the finalists received conference from training for musical and dance interpretation at position from Jana Producciones in Pamplona and Madrid.