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Gwyneth Milbrath: "What I like most about the University of Navarra is the feeling of community between professors and students".

Interview with Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago at Illinois

FotoBorjaCentenera/Gwyneth Milbrath, at campus of the University of Navarra.

20 | 03 | 2023

During this second semester, the School of Nursing will count with the visit of Gwyneth Milbrath, professor and researcher of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), with whom there is a signed agreement of partnership for the exchange of students and professors.

Although her stay began at the beginning of February and will last until the end of July, Milbrath already had the opportunity to experience campus the previous year: "The Nursing Summer School experience was phenomenal. The UIC students enjoyed getting to know the students from Navarra and other American students, as well as visiting all the cultural spaces", and adds that the experiences that left the best memories were "the visit to the palace of Olite and the Bodegas Ochoa, as well as San Sebastian".

Specializing in Nursing history, among other branches, she details that she specialized in the challenges nurses face to analyze "whether they are up to the task to provide the care their patients and their communities need", disaster such as "natural, wars and epidemics, such as COVID-19 have generated that nursing always steps forward to provide the best possible care in any given status ".

She is also specialized in Pediatrics, a field on which she collaborates in the School together with Professor Maider Belintxon: "We are coordinating a service learning project for students to teach schoolchildren how to perform CPR or to decrease their anxiety about visiting a clinic when they are sick or need vaccinations". In addition, she is also collaborating on translating and validating a tool asset measurement development of children and adolescents, "and we are working with some data analysis on the impact of COVID-19 on new mothers and their babies."

When asked about what strikes her most about campus at the University of Navarra she clarifies that what she likes most is "the community feeling here, and seeing the students and faculty learn and work together on various projects from teaching and research. Everyone is very friendly and seems genuinely enthusiastic about the work they do."