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agreement with the Norwegian Laerdal business to boost simulation in Medicine

Laerdal, business leader in medical simulation, will collaborate in the development of programs of training and projects of research in this field.

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Harvey cardiac patient simulator, from the Simulation Center of the University of Navarra.
PHOTO: University of Navarra
20/06/14 12:34 Laura Latorre

The School of Medicine of the University of Navarra and the Norwegian business Laerdal, a leading international company in the manufacture of medical simulation equipment, have signed a agreement of partnership to promote various teaching projects and research in the area of simulation in Medicine.

The agreement, with an initial duration of three years, is aimed at promote courses, seminars and conference of training to train students and teachers in and through medical simulation. This educational methodology makes possible a state-of-the-art standardized training internship in a controlled and safe environment; it also provides training in unusual or critical clinical situations, and allows reinforcement of work teamwork, self-directed learning and self-criticism.

The partnership between Laerdal and the University of Navarra also has as goal to facilitate the realization of final projects Degree, thesis doctoral or other works of research in areas of knowledge that allow to improve the methodology or the material professor, as well as the development of new technologies in medical simulation. 

Students and teachers, main beneficiaries

For the Dean of the School of Medicine this agreement is a very important support for a center that plays an essential role in the training of students and teachers."The teaching in Medicine, through simulation techniques, is fully inserted both in the Degree in Medicine and in various postgraduate courses", highlights Dr. Secundino Fernandez. And he adds, "among the latter, doctors have been able to practice techniques related to their specialization program but they have also learned how to use simulation as tool professor ".

As the first activity resulting from this new agreement, Laerdal and the University of Navarra will hold next September a professionalconference for physicians from all over Spain