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The Charles H. Revson American Foundation awards a scholarship from research to biochemist Álvaro Curiel.

The Palencia-born, former student of the University, receives a two-year scholarship to continue his research in pancreatic cancer.

/Álvaro Curiel

20 | 09 | 2022

The Charles H. Revson Foundation has awarded a scholarship from research to biochemist Álvaro Curiel García (Palencia, 34 years old). This is an individual subsidy for postdoctoral researchers who are in their third or fourth year of research. Candidates who work on projects related to biomedical sciences and who belong to prestigious universities in the states of New York, New Jersey or Connecticut apply for this scholarship . "The foundation awards 8 grants each year in excess of a quarter of a million dollars per project, for staff and associated costs to research".

Curiel has been very happy about this grant that will allow him to progress during the next few years in his scientific degree program . "A degree scroll individual is a very big push because having my own funding for the project gives me some independence and can be a boost in my aspirations to become head of group in the middle deadline.", says Dr. Curiel Garcia.  

Álvaro Curiel is currently working at Dr. Kenneth P. Olive 's laboratory at the department of Medicine at Columbia University in New York where they are doing research on pancreatic cancer. Over the next two years, the biochemist will continue his research to learn how tumor cells evolve in this disease and "try to identify compounds that patients can benefit from in real time, giving a personalized approach . To do this I will use bioinformatics tools, patient biopsies (tissues) and the latest advances in molecular medicine," he adds.

Álvaro Curiel García is a former student of Biology and Biochemistry by the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra (2012) and PhD by the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (2019). In 2021 he was recognized as the best postdoctoral scientist at Columbia University.