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The University's campus , recognized for the sixth year with the international Green Flag award

Once again, the course has been accredited as one of the best green areas in the world.


20 | 09 | 2023

The campus of the University of Navarra has received for the sixth consecutive year the international Green Flag Award, granted by the institution Keep Britain Tidy, which rewards the good management integral of parks and green spaces in the world. The jury has positively valued the initiatives that have been carried out to promote biodiversity and protect the environment, as well as the people who are in charge of taking care of it. The jury highlighted that the good work of management and maintenance is due to the vocation and good human and material structure of the team.


With a park of 113 hectares, the largest in Pamplona, the campus has a botanical route where you can see a variety of shrubs and more than 4,190 trees of 173 different species, including Japanese cherry trees, ginkgos, red beeches or sequoias. It also offers a 5-kilometer circular running circuit. The sustainable management of campus and the care for people and the environment are part of the 2025 Strategy of the University of Navarra.

In Spain, three more parks have been recognized, including Parque de Quevedo (León), Parque La Granja (León) and Parque Universidad de Huesca (Huesca).

Making campus a welcoming place has been a goal core topic since it began to take shape. This was recalled by Nuestro Tiempo magazine in its report "Where the dream took root". Following in the footsteps of Ángel Ramos, who first dreamed up the campus as a landscape, as well as Pachi Villar, the first head gardener, and Carlos Soria, curator of the campus, the current team of gardeners maintains the same determination: Francisco Javier Díez de Ulzurrun, chief, together with his colleagues Víctor María Domínguez, Jesús Antonio Izurriaga, Ángel María Sagüés, Pedro Leoz, Ángel Leoz, Jacinto Aquerreta, Aingueru Zalba and Borja Obanos; with the coordination of Eugenio Menéndez, director of the Works and Maintenance Service, and Cristina Muñoz, director of the Planning Service and design of campus.