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72 hours of creativity, entrepreneurship and dialogue at the Pharmacy and Nutrition Networking Week

The Campus of Pamplona welcomed the students of the masters of the School to participate in various sessions of training and workshops with leading companies in the sector.

20 | 10 | 2022

All students of the four programs Master's Degree offered by the School Pharmacy and Nutrition participated from October 5 to 7 in the Pharmacy's Networking Week, three days of work and joint sessions at Campus in Pamplona. 

The meeting began with sessions on non-verbal communication and creativity at the University of Navarra Museum, where students were able to practice non-verbal communication in pairs with exercises adapted to their future professional status . Through a creativity session, they were able to express with different materials their personal values and their identification with the values of the University. In this line, they also enjoyed a relaxed colloquium with Rosalía Baena, Vice President of students.

Getting to know in depth leading companies in the Pharma, Biotech and Nutrition sectors.

The second workshop was marked by meetings with the heads of relevant companies in the different sectors covered by each of the programs. Elena Erroba, director of business development, marketing and communication at 3P Biopharmaceuticals, stressed the importance of the target audience for a leader in biologics: "We put the emphasis on people, with passion, with purpose and commitment to society, to offer advanced medicines that can improve people's lives".

For his part, Enrique Ordieres, President of Cinfa, reviewed status of the Pharma sector, the pharmaceutical market through pharmacies and some of the most important milestones of group in its 53 years of existence. He also explained the five main pillars of the company: environmental commitment, contribution to the community, the people who make up Cinfa, the patient at the center of everything and healthcare professionals as a service and development professional.

The workshop was rounded off by Javier Campion, General Manager and director scientist at Making Genetics, dedicated to research and development for the commercialization of new diagnostic and prognostic panels. He explained one of the projects that business is currently working on, the challenge of an early and effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and its solution through a digital platform based on an algorithm that can predict the prognosis with great accuracy.

The adventure of entrepreneurship

As a culmination of the three days of work and training, the students of Master's Degree of the School were able to approach the world of entrepreneurship, with the help of Dámaso Molero (3P Biopharmaceuticals), Carlos Yáñez(Geiserpharma) and Maite Agüeros(InnoUp Farma). During the conversation, by way of important recommendations for good entrepreneurship, the speakers highlighted a broad academic training (including Master's Degree or doctorate), having an idea and a final goal , knowing how to listen, asking for committee, choosing the right travel companions and taking care of intellectual property.

Finally, the students participated in an entrepreneurship workshop given by Innovation Factory. The session presented the University's entrepreneurship programs with special emphasis on the Fast Track, a pathway of innovation and entrepreneurship in which students are part of multidisciplinary teams and learn how to turn an idea into a real business plan. Finally, students were able to participate in a practical workshop working on different skills such as work teamwork, creativity, management deadlines and risks, and public communication.