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Institute for Culture and SocietyParticipation in activities in other centers and universities (December 2021)

ICS researchers and collaborators participated online and in person in activities organised by institutions in Brazil, Chile, China, Spain, USA, Lithuania, New Zealand and Russia.

21 | 01 | 2022

Creativity and Cultural Heritage

Albert Recasens attended online at the III International congress "Power, identities and images of cities: Music and ceremonial books in Western Europe, from the Middle Ages to Modernity", organized by the University of Malaga, presenting the project of music and cathedrals "internship interpretative in the Hispanic cathedrals (1563-1833): liturgy, musical styles and performance conditions, (3-4/12/2021, Malaga, Spain).

Emotional culture and identity

Inés Olza virtually attended the workshop, organized by Hunan Normal University, "2021 International Conference on Multimodal Communication: Emerging Computational and Technical Methods" where he gave the plenary discussion paper "Multimodality, corpora and the grammar-pragmatics interface", (11-12/12/2021, Hunan, China).

Ana Marta González participated in the meeting of experts 'Challenging Modernity: Robert Bellah's Vision and Beyond' organized by the Social Trends Institute, (1-2/12/2021, Barcelona, Spain).


Public discourse

Ruth Breeze spoke at the "International Conference INTERGEDI Digital Communication: Identity and Visibility in Research Dissemination", organised by the University of Zaragoza. His lecture was entitled "Experts don't know anything" The Construction of scientific expertise in user-generated content", (9-10/12/2021, Zaragoza, Spain).

He also offered the online discussion paper "Free specialist advice? Examining legal advertising from a genre perspective" within the congress "International Language and Law Association 2021 Focus Conference: The Digitalisation of Legal Discourse: Digital Genres, average and Analytical Tools", (16-17/12/2021, online).

Sarali Gintsburg intervened in the roundtable "The Phenomenon of Contemporary Middle Eastern Novels", organized by the "Moscow State University" with the oral communication "Contemporary Literature of Arab Immigrants: Topic and Audiences", (19/12/2021, Moscow, Russia).

Eleonora Esposito intervened in the lecture online "New Zealand 8th Discourse Conference" developing a discussion paper on "Online hostility against UK MPS-Patterns of Digital Intersectionality", (10-11/12/2021, Christchurch, New Zealand).

In addition, she participated in the scientific meeting "Mapping Cyberviolence in the EU-27", organised by the European Institute for Gender Equality, (2/12/2021, Vilnius, Lithuania).

Mind-Brain Group

José Manuel Muñoz attended a scientific meeting in the Senate of Chile to give an opinion on the project regulation of digital platforms in the Commission "Challenges of the Future, Science, Technology and Innovation", (14/12/2021, Santiago, Chile).

He also intervened in the roundtable "Regulation of neurotechnologies, AI and digital platforms", organized jointly by the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament (Parlatino) and the Senate of Chile. There he offered the discussion paper "Neuroderechos: el caso español y la importancia de una cooperación iberoamericana", (12/12/2021, Santiago, Chile).

In addition, he spoke at the congress "III International Colloquium on the Philosophy of Neurosciences: Free will, agency and ethical implications" organized by the ANPOF Work Group on Philosophy of Neuroscience, Cognition, X-Phi and Neuroethics, (6-10/12/2021, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Navarra Center for International Development

Jaime Millán y Marcus Kinateder participated in the congress "2021 European Winter Meeting of the ES" with the oral presentations "Oiling up the field. Forced internal displacement and the expansion of palm oil in Colombia" and "Prices and Mergers in a General Model of Multi-sided Markets", respectively. The congress was organized by The Econometric Society, (13-15/12/2021, Barcelona, Spain).

Religion and Civil Society

Montserrat Herrero gave the talk "The constituent power of the people and the sovereign dictatorship" within the "seminar International Dictatorship: critical readings 100 years later" organized by the Universidad del Valle and the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, (7-10/12/2021, Madrid, Spain).

He also offered the invited discussion paper "Carl Schmitt's Rituals of Political Truth: From Public Discussion to Acclamation" within the congress "The Crowd in the History of Political Thought" organized by John Cabot University and the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, (2-4/12/2021, Vitoria, Spain).

Álvaro d'Ors Chair

Álex Corona He intervened in the "I congress International of New Jurists. meeting interuniversity about the challenges of law in today's society: reflections and proposals" with the discussion paper "Challenges of the diary 2030 and the SDGs for national and European law (I)" organized by the University of Seville and the University of Valladolid, (13-14/12/2021, Seville, Spain).


María Cruz Díaz de Terán gave the online session "The contributions of women in contemporary democracies" within the "seminar International: State, democracy, public administration: new challenges and world scenarios. Second meeting", organized by the Siglo21 University (Argentina) and the University of Valencia (Spain), (2-3/12/2021, Valencia, Spain).