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María Iraburu: "May each former student leave a good mark on the world".

The president met virtually with the alumni at framework of the annual meeting of the Territorial Boards of Alumni Spain that took place at campus in Madrid.

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/Inés García Paine, Alumni President, together with the University's president , María Iraburu

21 | 02 | 2022

"The contribution of the University to society has two clear visible lines: the research and the work of its graduates", said María Iraburu in her first meeting with the alumni. In the colloquium, moderated by the Alumni President, Inés García Paine, under the title. degree scroll "What will the University of Navarra be like in the coming years?", the president traced the lines of work in the new stage of the University. In her own words, "the evolution of the University has been spectacular. We now have almost a third of international students, which also speaks of the presence of the University and the alumni in the five continents, but the essential continues". 

During this meeting, the president also remarked the commitment of the University of Navarra to "train extraordinary professionals who deploy their talents in favor of society". At the same time, he took the opportunity to assure that the University's goal is "that each former student leaves a good footprint in the world, transforming society".    

Along the same lines, María Iraburu highlighted identity and dynamism as ideas that will permeate development in the coming years: "We are at a spectacular moment for our mission statement: of reflection, of dialogue, of study... that is the University. We have to make this effort to rethink society. Identity also refers to Christian inspiration, in dialogue with faith. And dynamism enters through the changing society, especially through the students".

The president did not miss the opportunity to talk about the projects of Strategy 2025 that mark the future of the University. First of all, he made reference letter to the BIOMA Centera project which, as she said, "is a space for the entire university and all alumni. A place for meeting to talk about nature and science, and to help understand how science is done". Secondly, he made reference letter to the prominence of the alumni in the strategic horizon of the University, "alumni are essential. You come back to the university to return to study. There are all the Life Long Learning programs, which are part of the 2025 Strategy". Along the same lines, he pointed out that "the University is looking forward to establishing mentoring programs that will make it possible to establish a one-to-one relationship. This humanization that we need throughout our lives.  

Among those attending the virtual meeting with president María Iraburu were people from Italy, United Kingdom, Colombia, Argentina, United States, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Germany, Portugal, Uruguay and Kenya, among others. 

Full video of the session

workshop from meeting and work

Once the colloquium was finished, the conference of work of the Alumni Territorial Boards began. 26 representatives from all over Spain came to Campus in Madrid to learn in detail about three of the major commitments of the 2025 Strategy that are already underway: training continua, BIOMA Center and personalized medicine. 

Regarding Life Long Learning, or training continua, Ignacio Gil, director of the Professional Programs Unit, explained the advances that have been made and some of the programs that will begin this coming March. For his part, Jesús Miguel Santamaría, explained in detail on the BIOMA Center and the Science Museum, and Antonio Pineda, Deputy Director of CIMA, explained the challenge of personalized medicine and how work is being done on this area.

With the purpose to know the present and future of the University of Navarra, from the Admissions Office, its director Juan José Cabrera valued with gratitude the role of the Alumni boards for the growth of students at the University of Navarra. In addition, he highlighted the new educational proposals for the next academic year 2022/2023, in line with the identity and dynamism of which María Iraburu had spoken: the Master's Degree in Christianity and Contemporary Culture, and the Master's Degree in internship Advanced Nursing in Oncology, presented by the Dean of the School of Philosophy and Letters, Julia Pavón, and by the Vice Dean of the School of Nursing, Nuria Esandi, respectively.