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Tecnun participates in the lecture-colloquium of the Disaster Observatory of the Aon España Foundation.

In that framework, Tecnun and Aon renew the partnership agreement they signed in 2019.

FotoCedida/Asistentesa la lecture-colloquium of the Observatorio de Catástrofes de la Fundación Aon España.

21 | 02 | 2023

Last week took place the lecture-colloquium of the Observatory of Catastrophes of the Aon Foundation Spain in the high school of the Spanish Engineering (IIE) of Madrid, with the presence of the director of Tecnun, Raúl Antónamong the attendees. At that framework, Tecnun and the Aon Foundation renewed the partnership agreement they signed in 2019. It should be noted that, in that year, the Aon Foundation Spain approved the creation and development of the Chair of Catastrophesa pioneering initiative in Spain and in Europe that aimed to goal systematically structure and develop the research and study of catastrophes. The action of research and teaching of the Chair of Catastrophes has been developed since then in Tecnun, and now this partnership has been renewed.

The workshop began with a speech by the president of UNESPA, Pilar González de Frutoswho spoke about the role of insurance in the face of climatic phenomena. On her part, Pedro Tomey president of the Catastrophe Observatory of the Aon Foundation, praised Pilar González de Frutos for her long and successful career of more than 40 years.

For his part, the President of the IIE, José Trigueroswelcomed the participants to the lecture-colloquium, which included engineers from different disciplines, such as the President of the association National Association of Agronomists and the President of Fortia Energía, the Director General of the Insurance Compensation Consortium, the President and Director General of Agroseguro, the Director General of Civil Protection, the CEO of Canal de Isabel II, as well as researchers from the Chair of Catastrophes of the Aon Foundation, among others.

Chair of Tecnun's Catastrophes

It is worth remembering that, when the agreement of partnership was set up between the Aon Foundation and Tecnun in 2019, the Director General of the Aon Foundation Spain, Pedro Tomey, stated that: "The Chair of Catastrophes is a great step forward in our interest in promoting the research on this subject of claims, systematize and disseminate knowledge and contribute to creating a network of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can contribute their knowledge both in the private sector and in public institutions at the service of prevention, response and mobilization in crisis situations originating from natural or environmental phenomena that are difficult to control."